Five Ways to Cheat on Your Girlfriend and Not Get Caught

Cheating is a way of life for some. We’re not going to condone it or condemn it here, it is what it is, and it’s definitely a thing. I mean, these days, it’s easy to date married women and not even know they’re married! And you never really know if your SO is cheating or not, and hopefully she doesn’t find you out either!


Women are really good at hiding their tracks when they are unfaithful, men, sometimes not so much. What is it that men have to know so they can catch up at the cheating game and reach the same level of deniability and impunity that their female counterparts enjoy?


Oooh, That Smell:


We have five senses, and it’s easy to forget about the olfactory ones. Often the evidence that nails you to the wall is that scent you have no excuse for. Be absolutely fastidious about eliminating any odors that would give you away. Being known as “the guy who showers all the time” going into the relationship is a great way to prepare for later.


That Argument Is Really A Test:


Often women who suspect their man is cheating will arm an argument seemingly out of nowhere to test said man. When a woman does this, she’s trying to throw you off your game, get you to tilt yourself, maybe let something slip in your anger. She’s also just generally seeing how you will react.


The best strategy is just to almost laugh it off (don’t actually laugh at her, that’s how you get domestic violence), play it cool, don’t let her ruffle your feathers. Don’t give an inch.


Don’t Leave Your Main Unsatisfied:


Let’s be serious for a second. If you are no longer interested in your partner, break it off. Unless the lack of sexual interest is mutual, she will be going crazy wondering why you don’t want it anymore, and will move heaven and earth to find out who you’re giving all that sexual attention to. If that happens it’s not if you’ll get caught; it’s when.


Avoid Developing An Emotional Relationship:


Once again, this is a situation where in the long term it’s impossible to not get caught. This is actually even more potentially dangerous because in these types of situations, your lover sooner or later is going to try and actively replace your official partner.


Obviously, sometimes things start off as pure NSA sex, and then things get out of hand, which is why it’s always a good idea to


Keep Your Lover At Arm’s Length:


This means not letting her know too many personal details about you. I’ve seen people go as far as using fake ID’s to hide their real names even. This is of course highly illegal and not recommended, but in general, you don’t want to divulge too much about your personal life to your lover. Don’t give her half a chance to get information that can later be used against you.

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