Easy Ways to Attract Potential Customers to your Exhibition Stand

Do you consider trade exhibitions as an important element in your business marketing strategy? For both start up and established businesses, trade exhibitions offers a large platform where businesses and customers can freely interact, share ideas and get more information concerning the type of products and services offered.

Just like all the other marketing strategies we have, the main aim of organizing for trade shows is achieving the desired results as far as business marketing is concerned. The higher the number of people who are attracted to your stand, the higher your possibilities of having more customers will be. However, the problem usually comes on what a company can do to attract people to their exhibition booth. Remember that everyone likes to see attractive things and your exhibition stand is not an exception. In fact, it is not always about the product but the type of exhibition booth design you have that attracts both potential and prospective customers. Here are some of the important tips you can put in place to ensure that people are not only attracted to your stand, but also becomes your customers.

Engage attendees with a game

Have you ever wondered why most companies use comedians and other forms of entertainment in their marketing strategies? This is because such strategies reduces boredom and creates attention for potential customers to know what exactly the comedian has to say about the product. You can also apply the same concept on your exhibition booth. But in this case, you do not need to invite a comedian. All you need to do is run a contest. By distributing raffle tickets, the attendees will be in a position to directly engage with your team, leave their contact information for a chance to win a price later in the day. You can then add these contacts to your email marketing list.

Attend the trade show in advance

Remember that not all the trade show you participate in will serve the intended purpose. As much as most trade shows seem to be promising in achieving results, the truth is that not all of them are worth your time and investment. So before committing yourself to any trade show, you need to visit the same exhibitions you want to participate in and find out if the participants match your target group. To get the most out of the exhibition, it is always important to deliver something that your target audience will be interested in. if the products/services you offer matches with the audience at the exhibition, then it will be much easier to attract potential customers to your stand.

Be Unique

Before designing your own exhibition booth, why not check out on your competitors’ website and Facebook pages to find out how their stands look like? This is the only way you can come up with a unique design that will stand out from the crowd. The most effective way to attract people at an exhibition is to do something that other exhibitors haven’t tried out yet.


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