Celebrate Your Love of Retro Gaming as an Adult

In 1971, Computer Space was officially the world’s first gaming arcade system. Before Pong was a household name, creator Nolan Bushnell’s space-themed game entered the scene. His creation paved the way for what we know today as arcade game machines. Early gamers were familiar with pinball machines but nothing was around that allowed you, as a single player, to play against a computer-controlled program. Many adults now can remember spending time at the neighborhood arcade, pushing tokens into the slots on warm summer nights. As technology became more refined, arcades disappeared. But you don’t have to only reminisce about times gone by. Grab a few of your childhood buddies and get ready to revisit your childhood.

What is a gamer?

No matter what your age, a gamer remains the same: a person who is a video or computer game enthusiast. Gamers can be involved in simply playing or creating games for the internet, PCs, consoles such as PlayStation of Nintendo, or RPG (role playing games). A popular type of RPG is the well-known Dungeons & Dragons, which came out in 1974. These types of games involve you, the first person player, to make the correct decisions to get your character or avatar to advance and win the adventure.

Decline of the arcade

Notalgia is often a reason adults buy and play games from childhood. Even with advanced graphics that look all too realistic, people enjoy the feeling they get when playing old favorites. Some gaming companies have even brought back old consoles with a slightly different look that play 30-year-old games. Today it is easier to enjoy these games from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the decline in classic outside arcades. Once a popular after-school or weekend mecca for kids, the arcade business made millions of dollars. The trend fell as quickly as it came, and by the early ’80s, some people claimed to have already seen the decline in fun centers and arcades.

Making a comeback

If you are a fan of gaming, no matter your age, you don’t have to worry about missing out. Thanks to arcade game rental NYC and adult bars and restaurants such as Dave & Buster’s you can play your old favorites such as Ms. Pac-Man and Space Invaders. There are even miniature versions of the retro arcade versions that fit in the palm of your hand available. A mere 3-and-a-1/2 inches tall, these tiny games can travel with you anywhere for when you need a retro pick-me-up. Some towns such as Morristown, New Jersey, have transformed an old bank vault into an arcade that you can rent out for a multitude of events or you can visit during designated public hours. Don’t want to travel to get that old arcade feeling? RV-sized vehicles filled with video games can be rented and parked right in your driveway.

Party on!

You can create ’70s or ’80s decor of your own or find retro-themed decorations from local or online party stores.  You can go “back to the future” with bright neon colors and Donkey Kong. Or keep it classic rock with a modern-retro twist with Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph paraphernalia.  You can toss around some 8-bit inspired confetti while serving up your childhood favorite foods and snacks. With so many gaming consoles, your love of retro-styled games and activities will continue on for more decades to come. So grab a can of Aqua Net, toss on some Mario Bros.-inspired gear, and dive into the past for some gaming adventures!

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