Celebrities Seen Buying Lottery Tickets


We all dream about winning the lottery, picking those numbers that bring us millions of dollars or even racking in a huge amount of money through one of the various other lottery style games that are played.  And while these guys may not need the case, it seems that even the rich and famous are drawn into buying a lottery ticket!

Why do they play?

Okay, we know why we want to win the lottery– because we can have the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  But what about the rich and famous?  What is their motivation to play a game where they can add more millions to their existing millions?

For those with huge amounts of money in the bank, the most likely reason to play is simply for the fun of it or the thrill that comes from a fun bit of gambling.  In addition, they are undoubtedly aware that lotteries around the world do a lot of good for people without their resources and it is a good way to contribute a little without getting involved too much.


Look at when the MegaMillions in the US hit that record payout of £500 million – the rich and famous were queuing up to buy tickets with everyone from actor Adam Baldwin to basketball player Chris Singleton being spotted with their own tickets.  Singleton spend a staggering $10,000 on tickets for the draw.  These guys don’t need the cash but the thrill of winning would be huge.

Picking lottery numbers can even be a way to get involved with your fans.  For that mega draw, Syfy’s Destination Truth host Joshua Gates got his Twitter fans to help him pick out the numbers that he then put on his ticket.  He said he would share his winnings with them if he hit big, but sadly for all involved, he didn’t.

Winning to help others

There are plenty of examples of celebrities who have won money at various lottery games and who turn around and donate it to good causes, showing that they really are playing for the fun of it.

Back in 2012, Madonna won $120,000 in the SuperEnalLotto, said to be the toughest in the world with its 90 numbers.  What did she do with the money?  She donated it to a charity building schools in Africa.  George Clooney and Liz Hurley are two other examples of Lottery winners who have turned their winnings into something good for the less fortunate.


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