Conserving Cannabis with Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you’re a medicinal marijuana user, you rely on cannabis to ease pain or help you manage your condition. You know how helpful marijuana can be as a medicine, but you also know that without insurance helping to cover the cost, it can be very expensive.


Because of the costs associated with medical marijuana, many people are hesitant to purchase a vaporizer for taking their medicine, even if they are aware of the health benefits that using a vaporizer for weed can provide.


Sound familiar?

Well here’s something that will shock you: dry herb vaporizers actually make using medicinal marijuana more affordable.


It’s all about efficiency. With a weed vaporizer, the vapor that is produced is 95 percent active cannabinoids, while smoke from marijuana is only 12 percent. That means that you’re able to get more of the medicine that you need with the same amount of material when you use a vaporizer weed unit instead of a pipe or bong. A marijuana vaporizer can allow you to enjoy more sessions, so you’ll find that it will pay for itself in no time.

Contrary to popular belief, a marijuana vaporizer doesn’t have to be expensive either. While there is an initial investment, if you choose one of these dry herb vaporizers, you can get a good experience without having to pay a fortune:

  1. G Pen Elite – The G Pen Elite is one of the best portable vaporizer units for the money, selling for only around $170. It’s a fraction of the price of other portable weed vaporizer units but is still able to provide large clouds of potent vapor. The marijuana vaporizer has an ergonomic design to fit comfortably in your hand and features a digital display with adjustable temperature settings. (To purchase, see VaporPlants)
  1. Atmos Boss – The Atmos Boss is a high quality herbal vaporizer pen that is capable of vaporizing herbs without combustion. Ideal for beginners, this weed vaporizer pen has just one button and is discreetly designed to look like an electronic cigarette. You’ll love this marijuana vaporizer if you frequently need to use your medicine on the go. The average price is around $105 to $130. (To purchase, see VaporPlants)
  1. Magic Flight – The Magic Flight Launch Box is a favorite among vapor enthusiasts and despite the influx of new flashy models, it remains one of the best portable vaporizer units for someone looking for an economical vaping option. Handcrafted out of solid wood, the vaporizer has a replaceable battery that is easy to recharge and provides very high-quality vapor. It’s warrantied for a lifetime and costs only around $120, making it an excellent investment. (To purchase, see VaporPlants)
  1. Quick Draw 300 – Do you tend to switch off between dry herbs and waxy concentrates? If so, the Quick Draw 300 is the perfect choice of vaporizer weed pen for you. Capable of producing very high-quality vapor, the DLX unit works as a wax and herbal vaporizer pen, giving you a flexible vaping experience. It’s optimized to recognize the chamber that you select to ensure that the ideal amount of heat is produced to vaporize your material fully, and its retail price starts at only $100. (To purchase, see VaporPlants)

You can learn more about these portable vaporizer and herbal vaporizer pen units at

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