How to Spot a Fake Cartier Watch

Cartier watches are an iconic brand of watches in the modern fashion industry. Their aesthetic appeal combined with their exceptional precision and accuracy make them a favorite of many. The brilliant design of the watches makes them ideal for every occasion. They can also be fashionably worn with various kinds of outfits. Telling the Cartier replica watch from a genuine one is tricky since counterfeiters have mastered the art forging watches that are almost identical to the genuine version. With the following guidelines however, you may be able to spot a knockoff version of Cartier watch.

Bracelet Screws

The metallic links of a Cartier bracelet are held together using screws. This is an important feature that you can use to spot a fake Cartier watch. Most of the knockoff versions use tubes and pins to secure the watch’s bracelet. The flat end of the screw should have a straight groove that is used to tighten it. A Cartier that doesn’t have this feature is most definitely a fake.

Case Back Screws

Another feature of Cartier watches that can be used to determine its authenticity is its case back. A genuine version of the watch has small screws holding the case back in place. To avoid extra charges is forging the watch, the counterfeiters avoid using these screws. They instead use snap case backs that are closed by simply pressing it against the rest of the watch.

Cartier Signature Engraving

Cartier watches come with brand’s signature engraved on the case back. Other details engraved on the case back are the case material and the serial number. This is another feature that most forgers often miss. You should also check the quality of the engraving. It should be crisp and clean.

The Ornate Dial

The exceptional design of the Cartier watch’s dial is a notable feature of the watches that can be used as an indication of authenticity. The intricate design of the dial includes ornaments stylized in an elaborate circular design. While some forgers may attempt to replicate this design, they hardly ever come close to getting the exact design.

“Swiss Made” Stamp

Cartier watches have a signature “Swiss Made” stamped onto their dials. The miniscule stamp is situated right below the marker of 6 o’clock. This is one of the details that is mostly omitted by counterfeiters as it is usually to small to notice. When trying to assess the authenticity of the watch, you should ensure that the watch has the stamp, otherwise, it’s a knockoff.


It is a characteristic of all luxury watches to be heavier than usual. This is usually due to the fact that they are made of high-quality material. When the Cartier in question is lighter than usual, then it is probably a fake.

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