This is My Man-Cave

Attention: Ladies can only enter via invitation. If you are a dude with beer and steaks, come on in!

Yes, it’s sad that relationship-bound men have to go to great lengths in order to preserve their piece of freedom, but when the opportunity presents itself you can’t say no. The Man-Cave is probably the best idea since gas-grillers and it’s the one place where a guy can be the complete opposite of the innocent persona his wife of girlfriend wishes he was. In essence it’s a sanctuary where the curtains don’t match anything, except maybe the tacky neon lights you wanted since high-school.

Do you have a Man-Cave yet?

Another unfortunate fact is that some fellas are still left to the mercy of their partners in terms of space. However, there is some good news. There are no limitations as to where your man-cave is situated. You can use the garage, your son’s tree-house, a storage container or you can even build it in your backyard. The point is to take action and make some space where your inner child can enjoy himself. If there are walls to keep it exclusive and a window for ventilation you’re good to go.

How to Decorate a Man-Cave?

You are bound to step into a few caves that are stylish and grand, but these elements are not ground rules. Your man-cave should embody everything you enjoy without limiting yourself to “what looks good”. You are going to spend the most time in there so decorate it according to your taste. If you really don’t know how to go about the decorating process then check out some other caves for ideas. Some typical things you will find are bars, bar-fridges, kegs, televisions, pool-tables, posters of hot women and football greats. Your choices are endless.

Put your Stamp on your Man-Cave

Be sure to add some nice little touches like a sign at the door. Be creative in this respect and say something like “No boobs allowed across this threshold” or “This is My Man-Cave, so please check your sanity at the door”. Create an atmosphere that will inspire relaxation while giving you time to think.

Is a Man-Cave Childish?

This is the type of question only a woman will ask. Ultimately they are just jealous because they didn’t think of it first. As a matter of fact, they already have control of YOUR house so they don’t need a cave. They get to live out their decorating teen fantasies and you should be able to do the same. I’m not complaining about my wife being in control of how the house looks, because if it was up to me my house would look like a recording studio/cinema.


In all seriousness, a man-cave is a very therapeutic place. It will provide you with an area where judgment and stress isn’t allowed through the front door. This is your sanctuary in which you don’t have to make decisions or even explain yourself. Your man-cave gives you a sense of youth we all need to hang on to every now and then.

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