New Options in Home Electronics.

Things have evolved a lot recently on the home electronics front, and appear to be continuing to evolve.

I’m old enough to remember as a small child the family TV that weighed more than the sofa and it was almost as big. There was a dial giving access to 16 channels, but in my home town of Winnipeg, Canada we only had four, one being a French version of one of the other three channels.

We had the famous rabbit-ears for reception, which required adjustment depending even on the state of the air molecules around it. We could get it perfect, threaten each other with a slow death if anyone even so much as breathed on it, and in a few hours we’d be getting “snow” again on the screen and have to go through the whole process over again.

There was one telephone in the house, in the kitchen. If you were on it, and someone needed to make a call, or were expecting one, you had to get off it. Later on we had another telephone, and people could listen in on others’ conversations. Both phones were rotary dial.

Fast forward to 2016. These days, for all that may have not changed necessarily for the better, as far as home electronics goes, we are swimming in luxury.

These days, even fridges have Wifi in some cases! And TVs built into them, etc. You can adjust exactly how you want your ice, the temperature of water etc. We’ve also eliminated practically all cables except for power cables due to technologies such as Wifi and Bluetooth.

Back in the day, we had a thermostat, and if we were particularly rich/paranoid, we had an alarm system. Now, my friend in Texas just bought a new home that comes with both of these things, plus full electron-level control of all lights and doors, TVs, garage door openers, cameras (he has several), computers, intercom systems, etc. all controlled by an app available for iPhone and Android. The other day, his wife messaged him and told him his dog was missing him. He logged on the intercom system and talked to the dog, calming her down.

These days, they have come up with beds that not only can adjust firmness, but also analyze you and provide suggestions for adjustments, as well as monitor your heart rate, breathing and movements in order to compute sleep quality. Check it out here.

And things just keep advancing. If you want to see what’s coming just around the corner, check out this link.

As for that big old TV that was older than Led Zeppelin, these days we may just have to settle for something like this UHD TV Panasonic .

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