Reignwolf – A Blues Rock Prodigy

Since the tender age of 2, Jordan Cook has been surrounded by instruments. Among all the instruments his dad had around, the guitar was the first one he tampered with. According to Cook, it was the one that made the most noise. At 30 Cook might look like someone that just stepped out of a great Rob Zombie movie, but looks don’t have much to do with playing guitar. In fact, Rolling Stone has branded Reignwolf as one of the 10 new artists everyone should be listening to.

He grew up in Saskatoon and his parents gave him prominent memories of Howlin’ Wolf and Ray Charles. In other words, the blues was a dominant genre throughout his youth. The reason why Cook is referred to as a prodigy is because he started playing with bands when he was 6 years old. It almost sounds like a page out of a Jimmy Hendrix biography. By the time he reached 15 he was part of a trio that travelled extensively. One of the places they travelled to was Switzerland and they jammed at the Montreux Jazz Fest. He shared the stage with guys like Van Morrison, Edgar Winter and his proclaimed hero, B.B King.

His choice to become a one-man band wasn’t exactly voluntary. In fact, after releasing an album entitled Seven Deadly Sins, which didn’t grab any attention, and the breakup of the trio, Cook found himself in a studio working with well-known drummer Matt Chamberlain. When the need for a bassist arose he called on a friend to help out. This friend goes by the name of Ben Shepard and you might recognize him from the band Sound Garden. As expected they clicked well together and even went on a Canadian tour.

Eventually Cook moved to Seattle and started to book gigs without a band. This was also where he came up with the name Reignwolf. It was something he blurted out when a club owner asked for the name of the act. Make no mistake, this guy has more than enough energy to entertain a crowd on his own. He’ll play drums and guitar at the same time if he has to, but for the most part he loses himself in magnificent guitar solos while perched on a nearby amp.

Even though Reignwolf has taken on the services of bassist David Rappaport and drummer Joseph Braley, half the show still consists of solo antics from Cook. Simply put, he is just that good. The trio is currently busy with a full-length debut album and if their shows are anything to go by, the album is going to rock.

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