Smiling Puts You In The ‘Friend Zone’

Who knew the ‘Friend Zone’ was so real and so scary!

That is right guys. If you see a girl that tickles your fancy and you want to make a good first impression, don’t look happy. It sounds kind of contradictory when you think about it, because why are guys who smile not sexually attractive? According to the few studies that investigated emotional expression it seems that guys who look ashamed have a better chance of snagging a date than the guy that looks happy. Now before you go and change your dating strategy, let’s take a deeper look into this rather unusual situation.

It’s no secret that if a book about the thinking patterns of women had to be written there wouldn’t be any trees left. However, there are some primal instincts they react to and thanks to organizations like the American Psychological Association; we can at least understand some of the complicated wiring. A specific study done at the UBC’s Dept. of Psychology, which involved more than 1000 participants, looked at the sexual reaction towards three main expressions.

These expressions are Pride, Happy and Ashamed. Looking proud, confident and powerful enhances the most attractive physical features of a man. For those of you don’t know the reason why women like macho men are because they represent a great level of health and testosterone. To all the skinny dudes out there, this study is just based on initial reaction and not long term planning, which means you still get a chance. For you the study suggests having a look of shame. Apparently women instinctively think that you can be trusted. I know what some of you are thinking, “I look like that all the time”. Keep in mind that there is a difference between looking ashamed and completely depressed.

Last but not least, most women regard happy and smiling chaps as less dominant with great friendship elements. Yep, the results are in and moody, brooding figures like Batman is what triggers sexual attraction from the ladies in general. A little piece of advice, don’t stick to that demeanor for too long because after the first five minutes their mentality will switch to a more long term mode and everything changes. Who knew?

Some interesting facts the study also released were that men typically don’t like women who look confident and proud. It seems we prefer them friendly and happy, or in some cases ashamed. Nevertheless, until a million more studies with more complicated results are compiled, women will always remain a mystery. My conclusion is that this is probably why we love them so much, or at least most of the time.     

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