The T-shirt: Now or No?

In this ever changing world and culture, we often wonder how and when to wear t-shirts vs. collar shirts. I’m going to attempt to throw some light on the situation.

As far as I’m concerned, things are getting more flexible than ever, and I feel it’s no longer so necessary to err on the side of the collar shirt the way you may have had to even ten years ago. This may be a bit controversial, but hear me out for a minute and I will explain:

One great way to make a t-shirt work in my opinion is to combine it with a blazer or other appropriate light jacket. I would call this the new academic look, and it’s really easy to pull off. These days, this can even qualify as dressy casual in many circumstances, depending mainly on how you wear your shoes and what shoes you are wearing.

Personally, my chief complaint about collar shirts is the collar itself, and how it makes you feel all choked up. Another look I like to use in casual situations is a collar shirt totally open, and a t-shirt under it. I think this spans the best of both worlds in so many situations.

Having said that, there are some instances where dressing up is still a must. These would include very formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, etc. Also, I would include job interviews, aside from Silicon Valley, which is really like another universe, really.

Another caveat: there’s a big difference between sporting some dingy nasty t-shirt you bought in bulk years ago from some questionable place, and rocking a nice, tasteful t-shirt that flatters you and is in good condition. Wearing a t-shirt should never be a license for being sloppy or bummy! The same rules for any other clothing and common fashion sense should apply to t-shirts too. This means proper cut and fabric that looks good on you specifically, as well as color coordination etc.

The brand Statement Clothing has a nice selection, and I recommend you start somewhere like there. Yes, there are cheaper options, but don’t sell yourself short. Also think in terms of the long game. A cheap shirt winds up rotting in the closet or getting thrown out so quickly it often works out to being more expensive than a shirt costing much more.

So, I hope you re-visit the t-shirt but this time with a renewed sense of style. Any item of clothing can be rocked with style, there are no exceptions!

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