Television Shows Guys Shouldn’t Be Watching

Is there a list of television shows guys shouldn’t be watching? You’re damn right there is!

I’m sad to report that the following television shows I will be discussing actually have a male audience. It might not be a big audience, but there is an audience none the less. Apart from the fact that these shows completely undermine human intelligence, they can be considered science-fiction thanks to the unbelievable plots.

Pretty Little Liars

By the time I watched my first episode of Pretty Little Idio…..I mean…Liars, it was already in its third season. With all the hype surrounding the show I decided to watch the first episode from season one. To my surprise I couldn’t finish it. For starters, the acting can be compared to day-time soapies if not worse, and there wasn’t really a storyline. You have these “pretty girls” running around, scared of a “psychopath” that has the audacity to write on their mirrors with lipstick and sending them text messages.

I read an article where they said Spencer Hastings is the female Sherlock Holmes. I doubt if the person who made this comparison ever read a Sir Arthur Canon Doyle book about the great Sherlock Holmes. Spencer is portrayed by Troian Bellisario by the way. She is a 26 year old high-school student. This is probably the reason why she seems smarter than everybody else. I was forced to watch bits and pieces because my daughter likes the show. My daughter is 14. If there is a guy out there watching this I really hope you switch the channel to something more intellectually stimulating like Jerry Springer.


Okay, I have to admit that Revenge isn’t as bad as Pretty Little Idiots, but it borders on the creamiest cheese you can possibly get. I won’t really get into the acting, but the plot line is worse than The Bold and the Beautiful. Every secret leads to another stupid secret and apparently there are people who think guys love this element of the show. Well if the puzzles the story presents were worth figuring out then yes, but instead you are left to puzzle out what child belongs to what rich family. The chick that plays the lead role most likely has a condition that prevents her from showing any facial expressions and she is also very lethal with her hands. Once again I urge the guys who are watching this show to switch to Jerry Springer, simply because it has more entertainment value.

Vampire Diaries

Do I really need to get into this show? I’m scared that once I start I’ll never stop. This show is obviously aimed at teenagers and the actors are nearing their thirties, dido. Guys who watch this are clearly out to impress their girlfriends or at the very least trying to get lucky, because there is absolutely nothing in it for a grown man. Not even the special effects are worth mentioning. I think I said it before, but I’ll say it again, you’ll have more fun watching Jerry Springer.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking you are watching for the pretty girls. They could cast Angelina Jolie in any of the above shows and it would still not be worth watching. Personal taste is personal taste and I can accept people are different, but when intellectually challenged shows become something you need to watch then it’s time to get a grip.

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