What Is Your Girlfriend Offended By?

You have probably heard many different stories about odd female behavior. They spend SO much time for make-up to just visit a cafeteria. They cry because of 1997 ‘Titanic’ movie and enjoy cheap horror pictures – simultaneously! Yeah, girls are strange. However, what men cannot (and will not be able to) understand is what girls are offended by! Seriously, they tend to cry and whim all the time about literally nothing. Men need to acknowledge that there are quite cogent reasons for this. The girls on Russian Site Bride Stars told us about some surreptitious explanations of permanent offenses in loving relationships.


  1. You do not pay attention to her. Men are not really careful with their behavior. Well, most of them are only thought to be rude and disrespectful (while, on the inside, they are kind and loving – their demonstrative discourtesy is a cause of socially approved male behavior). What men need to know is that a girl will always require more attention than they provide women with. It is virtually never enough of your love – not because they are overly demanding but because girls are less self-confident than men are. Your girlfriend probably cannot even explain this feeling. However, it exists and hurts her perpetually.
  2. You pay attention to someone else. No, it does not mean that you should sacrifice your life to please your girlfriend. Such behavioral pattern would likely irritate her. She feels useless when you systematically prefer spending your time with someone else. What can worsen the situation is if you prefer to spend your evening with your female friend – now the feeling of uselessness is accompanied by an unbearable jealousy. We recommend planning your spare time in the way that would suit both your needs and your girlfriend’s demand for attention. The ratio of these options is at your own discretion.
  3. You value her exterior higher than her inner world. The girl you date is probably flawless (we are not going to doubt your taste). Some girls are okay with being just beautiful and nothing more. Let us omit judgmental statements and move on to the other kind of women – cute and smart at the same time. Girls love to discuss important topics with intelligent men; most of them read much more than guys do. So, why would you love them for the physical appearance only? Just imagine that everyone would appreciate you for your rock-hard butt. Offensive? Offensive.
  4. You cannot satisfy her in bed. We are getting closer to advanced cases. This situation complicates with the fact that a girl knows exactly what makes her feel distracted – but she is afraid to speak it aloud. Why do women imitate orgasm? Because even the most confident of them are not keen on discussing such issues with their lovers. We strongly recommend talking about your sex life from time to time. It might help both of you understand what is done wrong what should be adjusted. In fact, a dialogue between you and your girlfriend is one of the most important requirements.
  5. You use her love as a tool or weapon. The most terrible scenario ever imagined. Yes, women sometimes manipulate you for her individual underhand purposes. However, girls are blessed with a magnificent ability to do it in the most insensible way – and men do like to share their leadership with someone. The situation alters when you use your girlfriend’s love during fights. Such phrases as “you will forgive me either way” and “you need me more than I need you” can lead to an inevitable breakup – and her actions will be fully justified by your inexcusable insolence.


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