What Women Want In A Man: 7 Traits They Find Irresistible

Since the dawn of time, guys have been trying to figure out what women want in a man. And now, with Internet giving everyone opportunity to state their opinion, you have tens of thousands of articles all telling you different things.

They want you to communicate! No, they want you to be silent and be a good listener! They value a sense of humor – but still want you to be mature and serious.

It’s time to cut through the noise and get to the truth. Here are 7 things women find irresistible (and a quick tip on how you can develop them):



Without confidence, everything else falls apart. Confidence is the glue which holds all of your other traits together.

Can you be dominant without confidence? How about decisive? Of course not.

If being confident is such a big deal (and it is) then how can we develop it?

There is a popular mantra: Fake it ‘till you make it.

While there is some truth to that, a case can also be made that true confidence can’t be faked – it comes from experience.

So go do stuff! You will suck at first, but as you repeat the activity again and again you will suck less and will develop confidence in that activity.

Does a guy who’s gone out on a thousand dates get anxious on them? Of course not – and neither will you, in any situation if you experience it multiple times.

Sexual stamina

Women love sex – even more so than guys.

Surprised? Don’t be – great sex is as enjoyable to women as it is to guys.

And the key to having great amazing sex is your ability to last long in bed.

If you’re finished before she has a chance of achieving an orgasm, it’s pretty obvious that she is going to be frustrated – and will actually grow to resent you if you continue with it.

On average, women need at least 15 minutes to achieve an orgasm – so if you can’t last for at least 15 minutes (preferably more) you need to learn how to last longer in bed.


Despite what women may say about wanting you to be gentle and kind, their actions speak differently.

In plain English – they love to be dominated.

You want proof?

50 Shades of Grey sold over 125 million copies worldwide, and it was made into a big budget film. Makes you think exactly how sweet, gentle and caring women really want men to be.

How can you be more dominant?

Start with slowly introducing more dominance in the bedroom. Suggest role play, light bondage or some toys. After you both get comfortable with those, you can start introducing more hardcore stuff.


Remember how you felt when you were dating a girl who was needy, clingy and didn’t have a life of her own? It was suffocating, wasn’t it?

Well it’s the same thing the other way around.

Guys usually get clingy when they feel like she’s the only girl in the universe, or if they feel she is becoming disinterested and moving away from them. In both cases, getting needy and badgering her for attention will only drive her further away.

The best way to become independent and more attractive to women is to actually have a life outside of the relationship (a shocking idea, I know). That’s where hobbies come into play – and no, weekly Dungeons and Dragons with your coworkers doesn’t count. Pick up martial arts, bodybuilding, sailing, surfing, rock climbing – opportunities are endless.


This trait is similar to ambition and dominance, but still distinctly different.

Women hate wishy-washy types and they hate when you are asking them to make decisions all the time.

Does this situation sound familiar to you?

Girlfriend: So where do you want to eat?

You: I don’t know…where do you want?

Girlfriend: Well I don’t know…that’s why I asked you.

You: Well….

And then you spend the next 10 minutes trying to figure out what you are going to eat. Compare the previous situation to this one:

Girlfriend: So where do you want to eat?

You: I made reservations for X restaurant at 8 pm.

Do you see how much more powerful the second situation is?

One great way to improve your decisiveness is to practice making decisions every day, no matter how small they might seem. For example, a good way to practice is when you are shopping for groceries – show initiative and decide even if there are 100s of choices.


Girls who are attracted to guys with money are often accused of being shallow and unscrupulous gold diggers. While some of them are, a good majority is attracted not only to money and resources those guys have, but also to their ambition.

Provided that the guy is self-made and not just a trust fund brat, his ambition is intoxicating to girls –  every girl wants to date a winner.

If you want to use this in your own life, start working on a project you’re passionate about. And I don’t mean building a model railroad in your basement – I’m talking about starting a business, getting a black belt in BJJ or learning a language. Set high goals for yourself and demand higher standards.


This is often the most controversial subject of all. Pick up artists have convinced a large number of men that you can be bald, fat and a slob and still get Victoria Secret models.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work like that.

No, you don’t need to look like Channing Tatum or have a physique of a male fitness model – but you do need to put in work in your appearance.

There are two areas in which any guy can improve his looks – fitness and fashion.

When it comes to fitness: Go to the gym, eat unprocessed, natural foods, and get enough rest.

When it comes to fashion: Read a couple of books, build a versatile wardrobe, and buy clothes that fit you well.

It’s not rocket science, but these small actions will add up and you can dramatically upgrade your looks in a short amount of time.

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