Does Your Phone Need An Antivirus?

We know to think about virus protection for desktop and laptop computers. But more and more these machines are becoming relics as we do more and more tasks from the convenience of our phones. Unfortunately, this also means that more and more viruses are being released with smart phones in mind as opposed to desktops and laptops. But we have to remember that privacy and anonymity is very important even when you are using your phone. Right now, Anonymster offers a great solution to protect your online privacy.

As the phone becomes larger in importance in our daily lives, so does it become more vulnerable, and so we have to start thinking about some sort of mobile antivirus plan to keep our phones safe and secure from whatever kind of malware could be lying out there ready to compromise or damage them.

To be perfectly honest, virus protection is even more critical on a phone than on other devices like laptops and desktops, since operating systems for phones are more closed and you don’t get to see what is going on internally so easily. This can potentially leave you more open to being exploited and not even knowing it. The biggest problems with viruses often have to do with the kinds of viruses that are insidious; there is no obvious way to tell they are even there. You may think your phone is starting to slow down for some unknown reason, or maybe it’s acting a bit strangely lately but you don’t really 100% know why.


This is why it’s best to just download an android antivirus app like the one I just included in the hyperlink, and have it take all the guessing away from you so you can be sure your phone is clean. It’s important to think about android security as a priority for your phone. Besides compromising your phone’s memory and performance, you could also be vulnerable to more damaging tactics such as identify theft etc. or even blackmail. This is especially concerning those who use their phones for business and are frequently passing sensitive information, information subject to NDA’s etc.

While it’s true that running an antivirus can also slow your phone down somewhat and takes up valuable memory, the trade off is well worth it. The little hit in performance your phone will take from running a decent antivirus program pales in comparison to the potential consequences of getting a virus or worse in your phone.

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