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How To Use Bespoke Packaging To Attract New Customers And Maintain Loyalty

The business world is ever changing and if you do not keep up with its evolution your company will get left behind.  Whether you run a small business or global brand, it important to understand your companies place in your industry and how you can stand out. Of course offering a great service and fantastic product(s) is important to attract and maintain customers, but this is as much about creating a memorable experience as it is about ensuring what you are offering is needed.

How important is packaging?

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 they were entering a market that was new territory for them. They had a good reputation for producing quality electrical but they took a risk with the iPhone and fortunately that risk paid off. The phone has been modified slightly since then but the overall style has stayed the same. Their phone is sleek, has clean lines and whiles the size and features have improved over the years, the aesthetics of the phone are consistent. The phone offered what no other had in terms of internet, video calls, photos, and prestige. It was expensive but it worked and its packaging was equally sleek. The brand created a phenomenon.

Brands like Costa and Starbucks are more expensive than a backstreet diner but they do well because they go above and beyond with their packaging and the way they present their beverages. The cups are branded and classy. Their premises have a nice ambiance and tasteful furnishings and their beverages are consistently well presented and satisfying. This makes the customer feel valued and confident that they will enjoy everything they buy.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and clothing lines have taken a similar approach and with companies like Restaurantware offering a choice of solutions, it is easier than ever to achieve a high-end look. In an era when people take photos of everything from their latest buys to their dinner, the possibility of trending on social media is too much on an opportunity to ignore. It presents repeat customers and the highest form of free advertising; word of mouth. As such, it is important that as a company your presentation is on point. You wouldn’t turn up to an important date or job interview dressed like a slob so why would you present your product or service poorly?

If you want to maintain customer loyalty and create a new business then looks at the market leaders. Offer your customers stylish packaging and they will remember your business.

How can you create unique packaging for your product?

The stylish packaging does not have to be expensive. If you offer products by mail order. You can give your parcels some pizazz by adding branded stickers. They will brighten up boring boxes and help your customers remember you. If you own a restaurant then give diners a more memorable experience by replacing conventional crockery with edible shells and cones, bamboo boats or quirky wooden serving boards. If you own a take away then show off your stylish side with disposable coffee cups or personalized paper bags. When you give customers products in stylish packaging, it makes them feel stylish and they are more likely to return.

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