Strange Ways to Keep Fit in the Last 10 Years

It’s an exercise in itself, trying to keep up with all the different fitness fads that come and go. As the year draws to a close, we’ll no doubt discover a few more weird and wonderful ways to keep fit to coincide with the usual New Year’s surge of health …


Reasons Why BikeBandit Is the Best Place To Get Your Riding Gear

Online motorcycle equipment stores are more common than 20-year-old dirt bikes on second-hand websites. While there are mind-blowing bargains to be found, nobody wants to get stuck with a dud either. doesn’t just say it’s the best, it backs that up with high-quality products, useful features, and real benefits. …


How to Prepare for Your First Half Marathon

If you have recently watched the London Marathon or any of the other big distance running events and dreamed of competing yourself, then the best place to start is a half marathon.  But even this reduced distance isn’t something you can just jump into – you need to plan and …