3 Why depression diminishes your chances in speed dating

Depression in holidays is not what people expect to have for Christmas and New Year. It seems that no one feels miserable in a climate of general happiness and joy. Though, tiredness at a year’s end, a long to-do list, financial pressure and cold weather do their job and make some people stressed and depressed, especially if the results of 2016 year did not meet their expectations, or if they experienced a painful break-up, loss and betrayal. Understandably, there could be no question of planning New-Year speed dating events London is generous with at this season, and rightly so.


According to a study undertaken in 2015 by Clinical Psychological Science a person possessed by this serious mood disorder has high chances to be rejected by potential partners on a speed date. The reason why it happens is quite simple. Depressed people make their counterparts less positive than they felt before a 4-minute verbal interaction. Based on this study, psychologists recommend handling depression (or at least lessen the symptoms) first and after that going speed dating. It will be better for a depressed person because rejection will only worsen his/her state and for a potential partner whose mood will be steadily happy.


The ‘depression’ season starts with Thanksgiving Day and lasts till Saint Valentine Days. Online dating services prove that by reporting high increase in users and more active messaging within this period of time. People dream of finding the soulmate to celebrate these holidays associated with love, togetherness and joy. Though, just as with speed dating, depression will hardly facilitate the process of seeking the love of your lifetime in the cyberspace. It is hard to escape the conclusion that depression should be treated or prevented before going online and speed dating. Here are some tips how not to get trapped by a depression during the holiday season.

  • Restorative routines often take a back seat due to a pre-holiday fuss. There are so many things to complete and reports to render and old debts to pay that people do not manage to have a rest. Unsurprisingly, they are totally exhausted when long-awaited holidays at last come. It is vital not to forget about your ways of restoring energy and to have a rest in time. Just snapping for half an hour may save you from stress and exhaustion.
  • Another thing that is often neglected is physical exercise. On holidays people want to rest not only from work, but also from sports. Though, doing physical activities successfully combats bad mood and stress negative impact. Keep on running in the mornings or going to the gym during the holiday season. You’ll stay positive and in shape.


These simple recommendations will save you from irritation and stress. Do not let depression spoil your great plans to be successful in personal life.

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