7 Things Men Need to Bring on a Blind Date

There are many men that are happy to go on blind dates. For some, it is a great way of meeting new people and there are even men who prefer blind dates because of the element of surprise involved. Of course, you need to ensure that you are properly prepared when it comes to this type of dating, and this means knowing what to take with you when you go to meet the lucky date.

By going property equipped and covering all possibilities, you can look forward to greater success and enjoyment when you go on your blind date. You never know what the person will be like, how adventurous she will be, or what she will be expecting from you. Therefore, being prepared is the best way to be if you want things to go as smoothly as possible.

Your Blind Date Kit

If you enjoy going on blind dates, it is a good ideal to formulate a blind date kit. You must remember that you won’t know much or anything about the person you are meeting or what they are like, so it is best to be prepared. Some of the things you should take along on a blind date include:


Whether it is a single flower or a small bouquet, most women will love the sentimental touch of being presented with flowers. So, this is definitely something to take along on your blind date.

Plenty of cash

Since you don’t know the woman you are meeting, you have no idea how expensive her tastes might be. Rather than embarrassing yourself and looking like a skinflint, take along some extra cash just in case you need it.

A special gift

If you have been chatting to your blind date online but have not yet met her, you may have an idea of what sort of thing she is into and what she likes. If so, you could take along a special gift based on her likes and interests. This can help to make a great impression.

A decent bottle of wine

If you are going to a woman’s home for your blind date, make sure you take along a decent bottle of wine. This is the polite thing to do but also means that you can both chill and relax while you get to know one another.


If you are hoping to get lucky on your blind date, you need to make sure you have a condom tucked away somewhere. This is vital to ensure you don’t risk pregnancy or getting an STD, as you do not know the person.

A vibrator

You may find that your blind date is not willing to go all the way but is prepared to get up to some sexual adventures. With this in mind, you can take along a vibrator so you can have some fun in the bedroom without going all the way.

A ready-made excuse

You also have to consider the fact that you may not get on with your blind date. So, it is always best to take along a ready-made excuse just in case you need to get away.

With this blind date kit to hand, you should be equipped to handle all situations when you meet up with your date.

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