How to Avoid Dating Failures in 5 Simple Steps

Building a strong and consistent relationship is never easy, especially when you are a guy and you have to keep in mind numerous peculiarities of your girlfriend to make her happy. It’s a hard work and it takes a reasonable amount of time. However, even doubled endeavor cannot ensure your success. And while your partner and you are the only people responsible for this, we can help you with some useful advice. With the help of our comrades from Date Ladies dating service (who obviously know what they are talking about), we have gathered five simple steps to avoid dating failures.


  1. Learn each other properly

In the modern era, which is strongly characterized by increased mobility, people often tend to start a relationship just because they don’t hate each other. You may not believe but some people actually get married in a month or two of dating! And while we have no rights to argue with the concept of love at first sight, we still assume it’s a much better idea to learn your partner sufficiently before embarking on something more serious.

  1. Romance is not dead

Once again, mobility has changed our vision of the relationship development. We now believe that it is enough to text a girl for several days and then just ask her out – voila, she’s in your hands, totally happy and satisfied. Girls love everything to be romanticized in a proper way. It’s not a big deal to buy her flowers and invite her to a restaurant every now and then. She will totally appreciate it.

  1. Don’t talk about exes until the time comes

We all know that talking about exes during the initial stage of your newborn relationship is a rather bad idea. Nonetheless, people tend to make this mistake repeatedly throughout their entire love life, justifying it with the fact that “she obviously had a boyfriend or two in past, why should we act like teenagers?” Well, that’s how it works with girls – either you keep this information until you are close enough to discuss it, or you are in big troubles.

  1. Don’t fall for everyone

This widespread issue comes before the relationship even starts. When you fall out of dating scene for a while, you become less selective. Therefore, you may have some deep feelings for the girl that you are not really attracted to. Why, you ask? Because she shows her appreciation. It might sound somewhat desperate but such situations are not rare. Yes, love has no rules and boundaries. But you should better spend some time looking for someone you would feel good with.

  1. Learn about emotional cheating

Sexual infidelity is not quite as spread as the buzz about it; however, it’s a very frequent reason for a breakup. What you don’t know is that loving couples often break up because of emotional cheating. Women more often fall victims of mental betrayals (but that’s yet another stereotype). This concept encompasses discussing the issues related to your relationship and sex life with other people, constantly preferring your friends to your girlfriend, spending much time with your female friends.

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