Gift Ideas For The Girl You Haven’t Been Dating Very Long

So, you’ve only been dating your girlfriend for a couple of months, but now her birthday’s coming up in a few weeks and you’re faced with the difficult scenario of trying to choose the perfect gift. Does that sound familiar?

Choosing a gift for any woman can be tricky at the best of times, but when you’ve only been together for a short while it can be even harder. You don’t want to look desperate by spending too much or buying a gift that looks over the top, but at the same time, you want to avoid looking like you’re not really interested by buying a cheap and cheerful present.

Navigating Your Way Through The Relationship/Price Situation

The hardest element of buying a present for a fledgling relationship is understanding the association between the type and length of the relationship and how much money you spend on a gift. Regardless of how much you tell yourself that it’s only a gift, the lady in your life will undoubtedly attach meaning to it. The key to getting it right is to navigate carefully the relationship/price axis. Taking into account the length of time you’ve been together and the type of relationship that exists between you is essential if you’re going to get it right.

Should I Buy An Expensive Present?

Most people are of the opinion that buying an especially ostentatious and expensive gift at an early stage of your relationship will give all the wrong signals. While we might be encouraged to make romantic gestures by movies and TV shows, in fact in most cases if you buy a diamond ring after you’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks, more likely than not you’re going to freak her out. Many men make mistakes when it comes to buying gifts. Whether we’ve made a mistake, were trying to impressive and got it badly wrong or were trying to buy her affections, the result is almost always a feeling of awkwardness.

A Brief Guide To Gift Buying

If you’re looking for some more practical advice about the sort of gifts to buy, here are a few simply rules to put into practice based on the length of time the pair of you have been dating:

  • 1-4 dates – don’t buy a gift at all. Instead, buy a card and write something nice in it. Go out for a special dinner or, if you can cook, prepare something special at home. You’re just starting to learn about each other at this stage so buying an expensive present is going to make you look clingy.
  • 1-3 months – if you’ve been dating for a couple of months, something fun and heartfelt but still relatively inexpensive is in order. Around $30 should do it, after all you want to look interested but not too serious. Buy one of her favorite author’s latest novels, a CD that she’s been talking about or some concert tickets for her favorite band. Don’t buy a practical gift such as glassware or cookware – that implies a committed relationship that you probably don’t have yet.
  • 4-5 months – you’re in the honeymoon period of your relationship, and this is the stage that a romantic gift would be perfect. Don’t go too overboard – don’t spend more than $75 – but feel free to buy something emotional and heartfelt. Jewelry is a good choice at this point in your relationship, but don’t buy a ring!
  • 7 months plus – your relationship is fairly well established by name, so you’ll probably have a good idea about what sort of present she’d appreciate. Buying a romantic gift is definitely going to still be appreciated, but you can also go down the practical route if you’re fairly committed to each other. If she’s mentioned anything that she particularly likes, you’ll get brownie points if you remember and get it for her! If you’re looking for more inspiration, pampering gifts are always a good choice. Something that she would never buy for herself, but which she’d love to have. One of the foot massagers featured on, for example, would be a perfect choice.

Research Is Key

The key to getting your gift choice right is bearing her interests and personality in mind – after all, all women have very different tastes, and what might impress one lady might turn off another. It’s also pretty important to avoid giving her something that she already has – that just shows that you don’t know her very well and could make you look bad!

A Handy Cheat Sheet

Keeping a few key details to hand when gift buying for the lady in your life will stand you in good stead. Here are some basics to note:

  • Her height
  • Her weight
  • Her top size
  • Her bra size
  • Her pants size
  • Her underwear size
  • Her favorite color(s)
  • Her ring size

You might also want to add the following details:

  • Her preferred dress style and fabric
  • Her favorite stores
  • Her favorite makeup brand
  • Her favorite perfume
  • Her favorite music
  • Her favorite movies and TV shows
  • Her favorite author

Still Struggling? Here Are Some More Ideas

If you’re really struggling, it’s hard to go wrong with a romantic and simple gift that reminds her of your special relationship. A photographic gift is always a bonus, especially if you get it printed on something unusual like chocolate, wood or canvas. Alternatively, she may appreciate an experience gift like a cocktail making class, a skydiving session or a wine tasting event.

Yes, it’s fair to say that it’s never going to be a breeze choosing a birthday present for the lady in your life if you’ve only recently got together, but rest assured that with care and forethought, a simple gift can still be treasured forever and can create the right impression without being over the top. Get it right, and she’ll still be around for many more years to come – and next year, choosing a gift will be a lot simpler!

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