Love and Its Types: From Self-Deception to True Love

Very often people confuse the true love with affection or passion. We get overwhelmed by our emotions and can’t tell a genuine feeling from a superficial and short-lived one. Today, we will have a closer look at three varieties of love. If you’re in a relationship with someone Ukrainian Brides from recommends you to check whether it is based on the true love.



In this case, partners think that they “love” each other because they have similar problems. For example, two people fall in love because they both like traveling. Later, it turns out that their commonality is not that they have itchy feet but that this is their way to escape from routine, problems, or boredom. With time, their shared problems will duplicate and in the long run, each of them will start looking for different ways of escaping from reality.
If you’re in a codependent relationship, you can’t live without the other person. And this is a destructive feeling because you think you’ll be incomplete without your partner. Also, you love your partner not for who he or she is but for who you want him or her to be. This is the so-called conditional love. Your relationship is not a relationship of two mature people: you either act like a caregiver or demand too much attention and care from your partner.

How to avoid this kind of relationship? Be a self-sufficient individuality. Feel the inner freedom and understand that you don’t need someone to be happy.


Affection is that state that millions of people constantly mix with love. It’s a light version of love based on a pleasant addiction. It can be tenderness, sex, attention, or any other positive “drug”. Affection or fondness captures people’s minds and they are drawn to each other so much that even a few hours apart are unbearable for them. It has nothing to do with real love but it brings much joy and delight. This kind of love quickly fades away especially if partners can’t build and develop relationships. Usually, they don’t want to change and make any sacrifices for the sake of common happiness.

So what is the main difference between affection and love? If one partner needs the other partner, this is affection. If a partner needs the other partner because he or she loves that partner, this is love.

True Love

The real Love is a strong and reliable foundation of a successful long-term relationship. There is no room for lies or deception when people love each other. Their love gives them the right and courage to tell each other only the truth because they think about each other and don’t want to conceal anything. They are ready to make concessions because they realize that a relationship is a give and take. Unlike people who feel fondness, people who love are not afraid of long periods of times spent away from each other. A long-distance relationship is the test that only the true love can stand.

How to find the real love? It’s quite easy. The main thing is to realize that what you feel for the other person is not affection or emotional dependency. If your guts tell you this is something more mature, cherish and develop it together.

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