What Details Not to Miss in Your Appearance on a Date

Any serious date is as important as the first date. Appearance is the first thing people notice about others. This leads many to judge people by how they look rather than what is in their hearts. It is unfortunate that some have precluded the possibility of a relationship before getting to know the other person. The scrutiny is greater if you have just met using a dating site like, and this is among the first dates with the prospective match. To avoid such challenges, this article will highlight important details to remember about your appearance on a date.

Look Refreshed

Showing up to a date looking tired and untidy can turn off the other person. It communicates a lack of interest and preparedness for the date. It is important to stop by home and refresh for the date no matter how busy you are. Dress appropriately for the evening or lunch date to attract the other person. Women can wear evening dresses and high-heeled shoes to look more attractive. Some people claim that showing a woman’s back by wearing a bareback dress is an excellent way to attract men. On the other hand, men should be smart whether they opt for casual wear or formal attire.

Appropriate Makeup

Makeup mostly affects women. Men too can use a little bit to look great on a date. Women should not be tempted to use a lot of makeup that will cause them to look fake. Eye makeup is the most important since the eyes are the window to the soul. Apply this makeup well to complement your attire and accessories in an amazing way.


The power of a perfect perfume cannot be underestimated when it comes to dating. A mild yet powerful feminine designer perfume will not only increase confidence but also will pull the man closer to you all evening. Buy the perfume selectively and let it do its magic. Men should also use an attractive cologne. It is said that a man who smells good attracts women. Equip your body with a bouquet of scents that will mesmerize your woman all throughout the date.

Kissable Lips

Both the woman and the man should arrive at a date with lips that are ready to kiss. But how does someone accomplish this? Women should apply an attractive and mild lip care product that will remain on the lips during the date. There is no need to leave your lip color all over the wine glass before the date is a few minutes old. Men can use male lip care products and drink plenty of water prior to the date to avoid cracking of the lips. Lips are quickly affected by dehydration.

A Great Smile

A great smile is a result of many factors. Coming to the date happy will make a positive impression. Few people realize that how you brush your teeth at home has an effect on your smile. Fresh breath plays a role in completing that smile especially if you will be clinging close to your partner. Your prospective partner may back away if you do not maintain fresh breath. Carry some minty gum for quick refreshment.

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