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Planning Your NBA Finals Party

The NBA playoffs are on now and the semi finals are almost over. If you are planning on having a finals party one of the nights then this will be a great resource for you. Many people host parties every year and do it right, but many people do it wrong. Below you will see a few helpful tips to have the perfect party this year.


If the team you are rooting for wins then celebratory Backwood Cigars are a must have. This is the perfect cigar if you are looking for something affordable and palatable for those non-smokers. It has customary for years that when your team wins everyone lights up a cigar to celebrate.

The Food

Food is number one when it comes to the importance of the party. If your wife is not a good cook then you will need to find a nice place to get food catering from. If you live in the northeast there are a ton of nice little Italian places you can order food from. It is customary to have a nice cheese plate, wings, and pizza. Timing is everything since you want to let your guests much on all of the snacks so that way you do not have to order as much pizza and wings.

Some people may be expecting something other than pizza and wings. In this case you can make a few pasta dishes accompanied by so amazing fresh bread and olive oil.


Seating is important since no one wants to sit on the floor or have half of their view blocked by a support beam. You should plan ahead how many people you think may come and set up your furniture in a strategic way so everyone is happy and not fighting over seats or complaining to you.

Planning the perfect party is more of a trial an error. Luckily the NBA is not going anywhere anytime soon so you will be able to redeem yourself next year just in case everything does not go as planned.

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