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6 Reasons to get an FUE transplant

The decision to have a hair transplant is a very personal one. So it’s wise to be clear on exactly what you need. Each patient is unique and deserves individual consideration and treatment.

In recent years, the new Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) is gaining attention in the field of hair replacement. Leading experts in FUE hair transplant surgery Crown Clinic are at hand to tell you 6 reasons why this procedure is worth looking into.


Virtually Painless

Because the follicles are individually selected, the procedure is minimally invasive compared with the strip (FUT) method. Very sharp circular trephine punches are used for graft removal as part of the FUE procedure, while strip surgery requires the removal of a large strip of hair from the back of the scalp


FUE produces practically invisible small round scars, so it’s easy to return to work or their regular routine, without anyone ever knowing they underwent surgery. This can be especially important for anyone who would prefer to maintain complete discretion regarding the surgery.

Speedy Recovery

No stitching leads to a less invasive transplant; therefore, yielding a faster recovery with simple aftercare.

No Scarring

No stitching essentially means no scars. The FUE method allows the doctor to pick and choose individual follicular units at a time, for that matter, leaving no visible scars behind. With the strip method, on the other hand, patients are often left with a visible linear scar.


Lower Transection Rate

FUE has a very low transection rate. Transection occurs when hair bulbs are cut off or removed during the transection process. When FUE is performed by a skilled hair transplant surgeon, transection can be as low as 3%. This is vital to the success of the transplanted hairs.

Unlimited hair style options


Since FUE doesn’t leave any scars or signs of hair transplant surgery, patients have complete control over their hairstyle choices. If a patient wish to wear their hair short, they can do that without worry of anyone seeing a hair transplant scar. Strip scars can be large and noticeable; making shorter hair styles an almost impossible option.

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