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The Change of British Fashion Through the Years



There are many different ways that British fashion has changed throughout the years, this wonderful article will take you through the most famous and most popular styles over the last few decades. This article from Stand-out will include styles from years such as 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s.



Coming to the end of the 60s now, but theirs still another fashion still to come through this was the hippy movement, the originated in the USA. Dreadlocks, messy or even curly hair were the most popular hairstyles and a loose-fitting flared shirt, maybe with some tie-dye, floral and psychedelic prints will do. Bell-bottom jeans and sandals were very popular in this faze. All of this preferably second hand and if you can find the clothing even nakedness was accepted and celebrated among the hippies. They felt they were trapped in society and so expressed their emotions and true expressions in their clothing or lack of clothing!



The 70s, a strange era not just for clothing, but the punk style really grabbed people attention. Championed by designers like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, the punk movement created a DIY fashion revolution with youths cutting and dying their own hair and adapting their old cloths to suit the new trend also buying old garments from charity shops and jumble sales. The average punk would wear studs in their ears and have a Mohawk. Most, if not all clothing will be ripped and have defaced prints, this includes their ripped jeans and to finish off the punk look you would wear Dr Martin boots similar to the skinheads two decades before.



The Goth subculture that was born in the 80s drew many followers for all age groups but would mostly occur with young teenagers who would rebel and feel abnormal to the society and felt isolated by others, basically just a darker alternative to the punk look. Goths would have long black hair, weather is being natural or the person has dyed it. Then any loose-fitting gothic or rock band T-shirts, it was also consisting of long black leather jackets with a studded belt and platform boots. Not to forget this outfit should be all black.



The rise in popularity of acid house music in the 90s did come hand-in-hand with the new fashion trend, whose followers were loosely grouped together as ravers. Typically wearing bucket hats over their scruffy hair, and whistles worn around their neck. Tie-dye and paisley garments with loose UV and neon clothing would be another item of clothing. Commonly hold glow stick to highlight who they are, and all of this met by some standard classic trainers as they spend most of the time on their toes. All of this being very distinctive and designed to be easy to dance in.

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