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How to wear men’s sandals

Socks and sandals: it’s the standard stereotype of a fashion faux pas. Men’s sandals are a tricky thing to get right, and with summer rearing its head, it’s time to suss out the sandals once and for all. Here’s a handy guide on getting them right…

What sandals should I choose?

There are only a few reasons you’ll need sandals, and the occasion for wearing your sandals will most likely dictate which ones you choose.

Casual use or holiday wear


If you need some casual footwear, or something to wear when you’re heading down to the beach on holiday, flip flops (thongs) could well be the right choice for you. They are light, airy and will keep your feet cool – with the added bonus of being easy to slip on and off, depending on your activity.

Everyday summer footwear

For everyday summer sandals, you needn’t look further than men’s sling back sandals. These are extremely comfortable, and can be suitable for smart occasion too, if you pick the right pair – perfect if your social schedule requires you to move seamlessly from day to night.

Smart summer nights

For a smarter, but still comfortable, summer footwear, it would be worth trying out slide sandals. They are very clean-cut, and come in a range of colours, so you can find so you can find something to work with any clothing combination, or try a daring colour whilst also keeping things simple!

What pants should I wear with sandals?

Wearing long trousers?

Presuming you are wearing long trousers and shorts on a dressy summer occasion, you should try and make sure the trousers you wear with your sandals are well thought-out. Straight-leg jeans or chinos are a good choice, especially if you roll up the bottom and make them ankle grazers! You can find a wide range of premium jeans, trousers and shorts at Infinities Designer Menswear.

Wearing shorts?

If you’re not wearing long trousers with your sandals, you need to think about the right type of short. For keeping things casual – and we mean casual – a loose sport short should do. But keep these for hanging at your friends’ house or messing round the park. Otherwise, try a well-fitted pair of chino or denim shorts, with your sandals and a simple t-shirt or collared shirt.

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