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Three Outfits That Will Keep You Looking Stylish On Vacation

It can be tempting when you’re on vacation to just sit by the pool, stay in your swim shorts all day sipping cocktails, with the only exercise being that occasional walk to the pool bar. However, going away on vacation doesn’t have to mean that you take a break from looking on trend. In today’s post, you’ll get to read about the top three looks that will help you to stay stylish on your next getaway.

The casual look

This look is probably one that comes fairly naturally to you, but there are a few unique twists you can give your holiday wardrobe that wouldn’t work every day. When you’re at home, your idea of casual is probably a plain tee and some tracksuit bottoms – perfect for whiling away the hours at home on a weekend. When you go away though, you’ll probably have been out for holiday clothes and want to show them off.

For a casual look that seems as though you’re not even trying to look cool, upgrade your plain tee to a polo shirt, which is often a little smarter, and pair up with some smart shorts, like chinos. There are a wide variety of polo shirts at Jacamo, and you’ll be able to find a colour that suits as well as make use of the multi-buy option so that you won’t be worrying about running out of clothes.

The smart-casual look


When you want to go down to dinner in your hotel of an evening, or if you just want to head out for a drink along the harbour, then you’ll need something a little smarter. Nothing helps to take those smart shorts to the next level like a simple lightweight shirt. You could even buy some simple vests to wear underneath if you feel a buttoned-up shirt is too formal.

Then, simply pick up some smart summer shoes; Toms are always a good choice because they come in so many colours and they’re easy to pack away. Go for aviator sunglasses, a pastel coloured shirt, grey shorts and some cool Toms for the perfect smart-casual look.

The smart look

What happens if you find that it’s more formal at dinner than you realised, or you see a show advertised and want to take in a last minute viewing? All you need to do is make sure you have a couple of items with you. First of all, pick up either a lightweight waistcoat or jacket. These are ideal for turning those casual shirts we just talked about into a far smarter version.

Secondly, always take one pair of long chinos with you. Although you might not have to use them, you know you have something that fits great to take with you, that won’t take up too much space in a suitcase, and that get you out of trouble with your partner if they discover they can’t go to a show because you have nothing to wear.

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