15 Ways To Flirt Over Text Message

15 Ways To Flirt Over Text Message

We live in a new era and that brings a whole new twist to the way people communicate while in relationships. If you are wanting to talk to someone, you can text, tweet, Snapchat or even post on Facebook. With that being said, it can make it difficult for a person trying to flirt with someone. Sometimes it is hard to truly get what the person is saying through a text message. So, how do you flirt properly over a text message? Well, that is where we come into play! We have come up with a list of 15 ways to flirt over text message!




1.Use emoticons, but limit them – It can be cute to send an emoticon every now and then, or include it at the end of a message. I mean, the iPhone has all the different options to choose from, so you could include one in every text you send. However, this is not cute and would get old right away. Be cute when you use them, but don’t use them all the time.



2.Be direct – The problem with text messages is that what you are trying to get across doesn’t always come across to the person reading it. If you want to go out with the person, then just ask them! Sometimes being more direct about the situation can save time and energy. It can be cute to flirt and hint at things, but sometimes it is sexy for the person to just come out and ask you!




3.Use pet names – If you have pet names for each other, make sure to use them while texting. If not, it is okay to throw in a “honey” or a “babe” every once in a while. It is a term of endearment and it would be taking well by either party. However, if this is a new relationship and you haven’t even met yet, calling them “my baby” might be a little standoffish!




4.Be non-needy – This should be obvious, but some people just don’t get it! If you are starting a new relationship, coming across as needy might make the person stop talking to you completely. If you send a message and they don’t respond quick enough, don’t go off on them in 12 more text messages. And don’t make demands of them and say you need them to text you at a certain time. Let the relationship flow and stop making demands!




5.Do not over text – If you go through all your old text messages with someone and you see that 80 percent of the texts are from you to them, that person might not be interested in you! Sometimes people respond to text messages to be nice. If you are making big, long statements and they are responding with one word answers, either you are bad at conversations or they are not interested. Limit your texting and make it more 60-40 or 50-50!



6.Be the first to end the conversation every now and then – This is a good flirting technique and I like the idea of it. Instead of letting the other person end the conversation all the time, you end it sometimes. You could say you have to run to the store or your friend just came over or you have homework, gotta go, TTYL! This keeps the person intrigued and wanting more from you and shows you are not always at their beckon call when they text.




7.Use their name while texting – For any person, seeing their name on the text message box would mean more than using you. This makes the text message more personal and it can also prove that that person isn’t over there texting four different girls at one time. This just adds that personal touch that could make the person feel a little better about themselves.



8.Be funny – Who doesn’t love a good sense of humor? This is such a good quality to have and it does attract a lot of people to you. So, why not be funny while texting with someone? You don’t want to overdo and not make an inappropriate joke, but adding some humor in there can win them over. Do it when the time is right and do it where they know you are joking and it can’t be taken the wrong way.




9.Compliment them – This is another one of them that should be obvious, but some people don’t get it. When you are starting a new relationship, you would compliment the other person whenever you were going on a date or something. You need to do that same thing while texting. Don’t compliment them with every text, but throw a cute compliment in there every now and then and bring a smile to their face!




10.Ask questions – You want the person to know that you are interested in them. A great way of doing that is by asking them questions. This shows that you are trying to get to know more about them. This is also a great way to avoid the one-word responses, as long as your questions aren’t yes or no questions. Make them more about where they went to school and what did they study in college.




11.Tell them you are thinking about them – This is a text message that would always make my heart melt when seeing it. Take a time when you know they aren’t on their phone, like while working or in class or sleeping. Send them a cute message that says you are thinking about them and hope things are going well. This will be the first thing they see when they come back to their phone and it will win you major points!




12.Don’t wait too long to respond – You should never take an extreme amount of time to respond to a text message because that gets the other person worried about why you aren’t responding. Unless you told them you were going into work or class or something, then you should reply within a decent amount of time. No one wants to sit and wonder why the person isn’t responding and what they did wrong!




13.Don’t ask for pictures – Keep it PG with the flirting, okay? Yes, this happens a lot and I think everyone has done it before. However, stick to the flirting and don’t ask for pictures from them. This comes off as wanting one thing and one thing only and it could ruin your chances if you truly are looking for more than a good time.




14.Don’t drunk text – No one in their right mind wants to be with someone that only texts them when they are out drinking with their buddies or just getting home from a night at the bar. Drunk texts never end well for anyone, so keep the phone out of your hands when you hit up the club with your friends. Don’t ruin something because you did a few too many shots and decided you wanted to confess your love to someone at 2:00am!



15.Check spelling and grammar – Thanks to autocorrect, we have a ton of text messages that are sent saying the wrong things. Sometimes it can turn out to be super funny, but sometimes it can turn out to be a disaster! You never want to tick someone off because you sent them a message and you spelt a word wrong or autocorrect fixed one of the statements and now it is way off-base!


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