3 Perfect Gifts for a High School Graduate

Do you know any high schoolers who have graduated and you want to get them something special, but have no idea where to start? Shopping for a young adult who’s about to transition into a new phase in his or her life can have its challenges. You want to stick to practical and meaningful gifts, that can also fulfill a want or need for the grad. We’ve come up with a few options that should help you make your decision.  

A hassle-free coffee subscription.

If your recent grad happens to enjoy a cup of coffee before class, then a coffee subscription might be the perfect gift. The coffee subscription will allow your grad to receive different roasts and flavors of coffee right at their front door. A coffee of the month club that allows someone indulge in the eccentric tastes of different coffees from around the world is a sweet pastime. This gift is perfect for any grad who likes to try something new and exciting, and the subscriptions usually come at fairly affordable rates. You could choose to buy a one-month subscription or a 12-month subscription. No matter the length of the subscription, the product is guaranteed to deliver both in value and in satisfaction. With this gift, your grad is sure to start each day with a smile.  

A used — but reliable — car.

Whether you’re buying a brand-new Toyota Corolla from a dealership or a used Lexus for sale at an auction mall, a new car means one thing for a recent grad: freedom. Because cars can come with a lot of responsibility, grabbing one for your grad before they embark on the next stage in life can prepare them for the other responsibilities they’ll encounter down the road. It’s a great way to educate them about financial authority while also offering a sense of ownership. If buying a car is the route you’ve chosen, it’s a great idea to bring your grad along for the purchase. It’s a fantastic way of showing them how proud you are of them and how working hard can have its rewards.

A streaming service for music or television.

Nowadays, streaming has become a way to stay entertained, no matter where we go. From music (via iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora) to movies (companies such as Amazon Prime Video or Hulu), a streaming service is available for just about anything. There’s also Sling TV, which allows users to stay in-the-know about their favorite shows.

For those who have a Playstation console, a subscription to Playstation Vue will allow them to stream television directly from their device. It’s perfect for their dorm room or even first apartment. So whether your grad loves music or movies, one or more of these subscriptions will surely keep them entertained while they’re on the go and once they’ve settled in for the day. Prices start as low as $8 for television streaming source for Hulu, and can climb as high as $119 for Amazon Prime, which would award your grad both music and television streaming. So no matter what entertainment they enjoy, grabbing them a subscription to any streaming option will definitely be a gift that will love.  

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for your high school graduate, you have a range of options to choose from. The key is to consider what will benefit your grad the most. Ask yourself these questions: Will they like it? Will they use it? Do they need it?

We hope our suggestions offer a small variety of choices that should definitely help to make your decision a little easier.

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