3 Things You Can Do On Your Own

Growing up I have always looked up to people that were able to fix, or build things on their own without having to rely on other people. Here are a few things you can do on your own while saving money. You do not need your own workshop for stuff like this.

Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

People have been using Cigarette rolling machines for a very long time. By buying a large bag of tobacco and a rolling machine you can save a ton of money. Cigarette companies overcharge people big time and depending on the state you live in taxes are a killer as well. When you buy a bag of tobacco and rolling your own you are getting so much more bang for your buck.

Mowing the Lawn

Go on craigslist and search for a lawn mower and edger. If you are buying used or even new it will definitely save you some money since you no longer have to pay a landscaping company. Of course they can get the job done in a fraction of the time but if you have off on a Sunday with a few hours to kill then this is the route to go. For the people that live in florida, or a place where it is warm all year round then this is truly a good thing to have on hand. Make sure you get a lawnmower with a bag in the back so you do not have to go an collect all of the grass clippings when you are done. Instead they get collected in a bag and you can empty it once it is full.


So many people go to places like H&R block when they are a simple w2. If you have children and expect a large tax return then you are better off using a free software like turbotax. Many people have been doing it that way for years at no cost. It gets a bit harder if you are a 1099 but for those people who are w2 then it makes absolutely no sense to pay someone up to five hundred dollars for something they can do on there own in less than thirty minutes.

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