3 Tips to Online Dating

Lets face it, the dating world today is utterly complicated. First off there are so many different sites and apps to choose from. Each app is trying to carve out their own niche in the market whether it is geared towards religion, or even just a hook up. After trying many sites and apps out for the past year I have decided to come out with a few useful tips that I have learned while testing the waters out.

Do Not Open Up With a Generic Message

You have to understand that most likely  a female is getting fifty, or more messages a day from guys that most likely are more attractive than you. There is nothing that will make them look over you quicker than when they see a “hey”. Chances are that they wont even look at your profile. Come up with something clever that is personalized towards each women and then check out the best adult dating sites here.

If You Are Just Looking For a Hook Up

If you are lucky enough to find someone to hook up with on sites like instabang then please, for the love of god, do not fall in love. It will not end well for you, I promise. The whole point of the initial interaction was to hook up so catching feelings is not what she was looking for. Sometimes you just cant help it and she will understand, but if someone is looking for a hookup then that means that they are not emotionally available for a relationship.

Knowing How Long to Wait to Send a Message After the First Date

As dating evolves the expectations and way people do things have changed. If you ask someone in there thirties they may say wait a day to message them but this is not the case anymore. A women could be in  the middle of talking to five people so after a few days she may forget you even exist even though you guys had a great time. Let her know right away and say something like “ I had a great time with you tonight , we should see each other again sometime soon”. If you don’t get a response and it has been a few days then you can assume that she did not feel the same way.

Overall just have some common sense when you are out there dating, and remember to stay safe!


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