3 Ways to Save Money This Summer

During the summer many people are planning large trips or have to spend extra money on babysitters and summer activities for their kids. There are many little things you can do to save money on major expenses that may happen this summer. It is now May and in another month school will be out and it’s going to be on you to cut corners so you can do everything you planned.


Typically in the summer gas is a huge expense. Many people are taking road trips or just end up driving a lot more. It’s important to figure out where the cheapest gas prices are and to always stick to them. Many places will give you a discount on the gas if you pay in cash since that allows them to not get charged a fee from the credit card company. Right now gas prices are the highest they have been in a while so it is important to cut corners on it when you can. If you are on a long road trip then you just have to stick to the gas by the highway. There’s no point in wandering around and potentially getting lost.


The price of tobacco keeps going up. Especially when it comes to cigarettes. In some cities people are spending up to fifty cents on each one. Electric Cigarette Machines are a great addition. All you have to do is buy some tobacco and tubes and you are good to go. Switching to these can save you over a thousand dollars a year.


If you have taken a look in your drawers and realized that you need all new summer clothes then it is best to get them right after summer. This is when all of the shorts and summer clothing goes on clearance. When you go to a place like j crew you could end up spending over seventy dollars on khaki shorts when if you wait until after summer it could cost twenty dollars a pair.

There are a ton of simple things you can do this summer. What you see above is just a nice way to get you started.

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