4 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

As it is now summertime, I am sure you are either planning a road trip or you already have been on one. Whether its checking the tread on your tires or making sure all of you fluids are at the right levels, there are certain things you need to watch out for.

Tire Safety

During the summer tires tend to expand and create more pressure. If you are going to have a lot of people in your care you should always make sure to check the tire pressure to make sure it is not too high. You should always have a good idea of the tread your tires have. There is nothing worse than being on the highway in the middle of a rainstorm to find out your tires have no tread and you are sliding all over the road. Tyreplus has an amazing guide called “Get your grips with your tires”. #wheelsoftheroad

Oil Changes

Having clean oil comes paramount before a road trip. If you do not feel like dealing with an overheated engine, or even have it break down then make sure you keep track of the last time you changed your oil and filter.

Check the Brakes

If you know that you are probably going to be riding your breaks hard on this trip then it is worth it to have your brakes and rotors checked by a mechanic. It is hard to tell how much life you have left from the feel of the breaks. It is better to have someone get down there and check.

Check Your Fluids

There are six essential fluids in your car and we already covered the engine oil. The other five include the coolant which works to keep the engine cool by absorbing most of the heat. Power steering fluid which helps you steer the car at any speed. Their should be a dipstick to check the fluid level. Break fluid comes next because over time water can get into it so having fresh break fluid can be extremely important. Second to last is the transmission fluid which allows your car to switch through gears smoothly. Finally we have the windshield washer fluid. Not having washer fluid can be a huge hazard during the winter because if you have salt on your windshield it can obstruct your vision of the road.

Overall taking care of your car not only saves you money, it truly keeps you safe.

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