A Guide to Social Media Distractions in the Workplace

Without a doubt, the digital phenomenon is likely to be the most defining problem in different work environments across the globe. Employees are bombarded with messages across devices during official working hours leading to distraction when they are expected to focus on core tasks. In fact, workers with the tendency to procrastinate will opt for social media instead of executing duties on time.

Distractions in the workplace are nothing new. However, the advent of technology has inched the situation a notch higher. The fact that it’s a new form of distraction embedded in savvy devices make it worse and irresistible. What you need to know is that most social media platforms and apps are designed to be addictive.

Conventional Smartphone Habits

To better understand how social media districts employees at work, you need to assess the conventional Smartphone habits. Today, the average person aged 16-39 will spend at minimum of two hours daily on their phones. Over 80 percent of social media users barely go for two hours without checking what’s happening on the various aps installed on their devices. Others will spend official working hours to peruse through their newsfeed.

In some offices, there are strict social media use policies. These entail the use of firewalls and a strict monitoring of employees internet usage. Despite such measures, employees go ahead and breach these policies. The fact that one will find time to log in to Facebook means that their productivity will decline and affect the company’s bottom-line.

Forms of Distraction

There’re are numerous ways through which social media distracts employees. If you have alerts for updates and tweets, there is alikelihood that you will be itching to take apeek in the middle of work hours. Fortunately, it’s easy to fend off such distractions by turning off number of shares Facebook notifications.

On the other hand, with or without notifications, there is a lingering temptation to log into Facebook. It doesn’t matter whether there are deadlines to beat, but employees will always contend with the need to check in even if it’s just for a few minutes. Little known to many, those few minutes end up turning into hours and it can delay accomplishments for a given project.

 Disengagement among Employees

Modern technology and relevant devices present a number of advantages, when it comes to executing tasks. The same however can be attributed to the rampant cases of employee disengagement in the workplace. The over reliance on savvy devices sets up employees to fall prey to digital stress, eventually this leads to slow and diminished productivity.

Social media is an added advantage, since it provides your employees with information that helps them drive up their output. However, the comments that you had posted on a popular Facebook thread will find a way of distracting you. There are times when you want to adhere to the anti-social media resolution, but the feedback on Facebook can be overwhelming.

Of the many social media distractions you will contend with, Facebook games come off as compelling. Other users will send you game notifications that can tempt you off course. Not many people have the willpower to resist the urge to spar with a friend on the other side of your connection. By the time you are done with one episode of Candy Crush, you will have fallen behind schedule and this will affect the projected targets.

Multitasking As a Distraction

Multi-tasking at work has its benefits. If you are working on several tabs, you can execute tasks simultaneously. However, there is a downside to it. If you are tempted to open too many tabs, one of them is likely to be a social media window. If you resist the urge to open to many tabs, it boosts your concentration and channels your energy where it’s needed most. Unless you are a blogger or a news professional, there is need to keep off many tabs and tempting media channels when there are reports to be written.

There’s no denying that social media distraction in the workplace are rampant. Operating under the tenets of a strict internet usage plan can reduce worker sleaze and improve productivity. On a personal level, resisting the urge to check an update or react to a reaction on a leading thread will enable you to deliver where targets are concerned.

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