Are Vaping and Juuling the Same Thing?

As smoking trends come and go, it’s easy to get a little mixed up about terminology. From e-cigarettes, to vaping, and now juuling, terminology has a habit of moving faster than some consumers can keep up with. Many wonder whether vaping and juuling are the same thing, and, for most intents and purposes they are. “Juuling” is a slang term that has become synonymous with vaping, due to the massive popularity of an e-cigarette Move to Trashknown as The Juul.

Why is the Juul so popular?

Using the term “juuling” as slang for vaping came about, in large part, because of how popular the Juul was as an e-cigarette. According to an article in CNBC, which was subsequently cited in TIME magazine, among other sources, Juul held a whopping 33 percent of the market share of vapes and e-cigarettes. These numbers put maker Juul Labs handily ahead of competitors like BAT, Altria, and Imperial Tobacco.

One of the many reasons that the Juul is such a popular choice is because of its slim, convenient design. Designed with distinction in mind, the Juul resembles a USB flash drive more than it does other e-cigarettes on the market. The reason for this is, in part, due to function. A convenient feature of the Juul is that it can be quickly charged in any USB port, be it a port on your laptop, a USB wall charger, or even a car’s USB port. Like most vapes, the Juul’s cartridges come in a wide arrange of flavors, too. This adds to the devices ubiquity and appeal, since a wider range of flavors — like bubble gum or mint — is more likely to appeal to a broader consumer audience. This e-juice is available from many online retailers, such as All in 1 Smoke Shop, adding to e-cigarettes’ convenience and accessibility.

Are vaping and juuling safer than cigarettes?

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the safety associated with vaping, e-cigarettes, and juuling. Many forget that these devices are intended for adults, and, in fact, most smoke shops require you to be either 18 or 21 years of age or older in order to purchase vaping devices and e-liquid. In fact, many vaping companies’ goals are to appeal to adults who currently smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes. By making them a to e-cigarettes and vaping, smokers can make a substantial and healthy impact in their life. This is because, while the Juul and other e-cigarettes do contain nicotine, many of the other toxic chemicals associated with cigarettes are not inhaled via vaping. While smoking cigarettes have a negative effect on users’ lungs, vaping does not cause the same issues. Additionally, vaping emits pleasant smells and less disruptive water vapor making it a much less disruptive habit than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Since vaping is a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, many e-cigarette companies have made it their mission to help smokers live healthier lives. One such company is Juul Labs. Kevin Burns, the company’s CEO, released a statement doubling down on Juul Labs’ commitment to “helping the 38 million smokers in the U.S. and the one billion smokers globally” with their products. Speaking specifically of the Juul, he continued, stating that, “we believe we have the ability, technology and sheer wherewithal to achieve this goal.” This transparency and commitment to its customers’ well-being is yet another reason that Juul has become a major player in the e-cigarette scene. With so many people admiring and using Juul Labs’ products, it’s no wonder that “juuling” started to become used as a stand-in for “vaping.”

Vaping and e-cigarette use is on the rise, and so it’s likely that you will continue to hear lingo related to this industry in everyday life. While, technically, “juuling” should only refer to vaping with a Juul product, it’s understandable that some would use each term interchangeably regardless of the device. Thus, juuling and vaping are basically synonymous.

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