Can an Open Marriage Work?

One thing that many people are intrigued about is how an open marriage works and, indeed, if it can work effectively. There are lots of people who are in open marriages, but in some cases, you would never know that this is the case. It is not something the flaunt or have plastered over their foreheads. It is something that they have discussed and agreed upon, which is what makes it workable.

If you are considering an open marriage, one thing you have to remember is that is cannot be one-sided. This has to be something that you are both keen to enter into, as otherwise, it simply won’t work. It is a brave step to decide on a marriage that is open, but it is also one that has to be properly thought out and not taken lightly.

Communication is Everything

One of the things you must remember is that in an open marriage, communication is everything. This type of marriage is an understanding between the two partners. There is no sneaking around and having clandestine meetings with others and intimacy behind your partner’s back. That is called having an affair, and an open marriage is nothing to do with having affairs. This is something you have to remember if you want your open marriage to be a success.

While you are free to see and sleep with other people in an open marriage, this is not something you should be hiding from your husband or wife. Before entering into this type of marriage, you should already have discussed what you expect from one another, where there are any lines that have to be drawn and communicating effectively with one another. You should, therefore, not be hiding anything about who you are seeing and what you are doing from your partner.

Falling for Another Person in an Open Marriage

Of course, there are risks involved when it comes to open marriages, and this is something that you also need to discuss in the early stages. The biggest risk is that one of you will fall for one of the other people you are seeing. While this may be something you have promised won’t happen, the fact is that if it happens it happens. You cannot control your feelings in this way, and of the other person feels the same, it could change everything.

So, if is important to ensure that you and your spouse are prepared for this possibility, and it is something that you definitely need to discuss before deciding whether to choose an open marriage. Another risk you have to consider is STDs, which become a higher risk if you are sleeping with other people in addition to your spouse. You, therefore, need to ensure that you are both practicing safe sex throughout the open relationship.

With the right steps, realistic expectations, and proper communication, you could find that an open marriage is something that suits you and your partner down to the ground.

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