How Do I Transfer My Number Plate To Another Car In The U.K.?

There comes a time when a person needs to change their car but they may not necessarily want to change the number that is associated with their car. In these cases, it may be a common question for someone to ask as to how a person goes about transferring their number plate to another car. The answer to this question can vary depending on the location since different places have different rules with regards to this particular process. The following is a description of how to transfer the number plate to another car in the United Kingdom.

Preparing Paperwork For Both Vehicles

When obtaining a new car, registration of the vehicle in the U.K. vehicle registration registry is a mandatory requirement in the process of lawfully obtaining a new vehicle. For this reason, the first step in transferring the numbers between two vehicles is preparing the paperwork associated with both vehicles which includes the V5 registration for both vehicles.

Obtaining Valid M.o.T. Certificates If Applicable (3+ year old cars)

Once the paperwork for both vehicles is arranged and prepared for the process. There needs to be included a valid M.O.T. certificate for the vehicles involved in the process if they are older than 3 years of age to demonstrate that both vehicles are still fit for operation. This is another part of the process of transferring registration numbers from vehicle to vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Payment of Transfer Fee – £80.00

The third step of the process is the payment of an £80.00 to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency which is an independent organization that is the authority on vehicle and licensing registrations in the United Kingdom. This fee typically goes to the continued services provided by the organization in this area and the costs of operations specifically.

Acquire A Completed V317 Transfer Form

The final step in the process is providing a completed V317 Transfer form. This form is going to provide the proof of completion when it comes to the transfer process. It shows that the previous steps have been completed successfully and the change requested is reflecting in the system as completed as well. Having this can serve as proof of the completion of this process which is going to be important for an individual to keep in their records just in case there are some sorts of mixups.

These are the general steps associated with the process of transferring vehicle registration numbers from car to car within the United Kingdom. Are you aware of any tips that may help make the process easier? Let us know down below!

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