How Smoking Has Evolved

If you were a smoke one hundred years ago then you were probably either smoking hand rolled cigars or a pipe. While many people still smoke a pip today it is really more of a novelty. Now that technology is changing rapidly across all industries it is only natural for it to hit the tobacco industry. Vaping has become huge along with many different new flavor infusions of cigars.


It used to be that when choosing a cigar it was basically either machine rolled or hand rolled. Now there is such an assortment of different leaves and flavor infusions. If you look online they have crazy deals like four cigars for a dollar. If you have always been fond of Swisher Sweets then you need to check out the Swisher Sweets Swerve.


Vaping is pretty much everywhere now. In the beginning it was great because there was absolutely no rules about vaping on a plain or in public places. Rules and regulation have been evolving turning this into a multi billion dollar industry. Unfortunately many younger kids were using a vape without ever having a nicotine habit. The product was meant for smokers trying to quit. Which it is effective for but now since the younger population is using it as a way to be cool they have been putting more rules on the types of flavors that are allowed to be sold. Just recently Juul was prohibited in all gas stations and smoke shops. If you are looking for mango pods then you have to buy them directly from Juul’s website or another retailer online.


People rolling there own cigarettes is nothing new. I am sure people have been doing it for thousands of years. Now it is becoming a necessity due to the outrageous taxes being added to brands like Newport and Marlboro. If you don’t have the time to sit around an roll your own they now have machines that will do it for you at a fraction of the cost of buying a pack from a gas station.

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