How to Become a Regular at the Bar

Becoming a regular at the bar can come with many benefits whether it is the occasional free drink or making new friends. However, it is not so easy to become that regular who gets served first on the busy nights and gets free shots once in a while. Below is advice from bartenders around the US on how to become a regular.

Go on the off days

Bartenders live off your tips since most of them make close to nothing as an hourly wage. Coming on the days that are not busy helps the bartender make enough money for it to be worth their time. Always make sure you leave a great tip and spend a significant amount of time there. If the bar allows smoking inside then make sure you have gambler tobacco to become an instant hit.

Start a Conversation

Getting to know your future favorite bartender is a big deal. Knowing each other on a first name business will solidify the relationship that you are trying to form. However, if they are obviously busy then you should most definitely leave them alone until it gets quiet. Ordering complicated drinks while the bar is full will annoy them and put you on their bad side. Just be courteous and self-aware of your surroundings.


Tipping is the number one thing you can do to solidify yourself as a regular. Bartenders are happy with fifteen percent but twenty will make them grateful.  The industry standard is to give a dollar for each drink you order if you are paying cash. You can just leave the tip on the bar and depending on how many you are getting throughout the night you can just make a small pile of cash with there tip money on the far edge of the bar.

Becoming a regular is not always something to be proud of but if you drink responsibly and make friends then it is worth it.

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