How To Go Camping Without Roughing It

Going camping is still one of the nation’s top pastimes, however it has a reputation for being a rather uncomfortable experience. Luckily, the days of sleeping in old-fashioned frame tents on a hard floor are long gone. These days, glamping is all the rage. There’s no need to lie in your sleeping bag on the ground or struggle to cook your meals over a campfire. There are now plenty of exciting innovations that allow us to go on a camping trip without roughing it.

If you’ve been putting off that camping trip because of worries about the lack of luxury, or if you’re just looking for ways to make your next trip a more pleasurable experience, here are some great ideas. These quality camping accessories will make your vacation more luxurious than you ever imagined.

An Air Mattress

Back in the day, you either had to suffer lying on the cold ground curled up in your sleeping bag. If you were very lucky, you had to struggle with a hard and inflexible camp bed which always threatened to collapse during the night. These days, however, there’s a brilliant alternative that guarantees you a comfortable night’s rest.

An air mattress is the perfect solution to comfortable sleeping in the open. Simple and quick to blow up with an air pump, the best air mattresses are soft and cozy, providing you with great support and keeping you raised off the cold floor.

Some air mattresses even have in-built pumps for greater convenience and speed, so you can get to bed more quickly than you imagined. Visit to find out more about choosing the right camping bed for your next trip.

Camping Lamps

There’s no need to go to bed as soon as the night draws in! In fact, half the fun of camping is sitting up chatting into the night or playing games under the stars. You can easily accomplish this by investing in one of the latest camping lanterns. You can choose from wind up lanterns for trips into the wilderness, rechargeable battery powered lanterns which can be charged up from your car’s cigarette lighter or even electrically powered lanterns which are perfect if you have access to an electric hook-up. Since most have been designed to either sit flat on a surface or to hang from the inside of the tent, you’ll easily be able to see what you’re doing.

Folding Camping Table

There’s nothing luxurious about eating your food while sitting on a blanket on the floor. Now you can eat in civilized fashion by investing in a folding camping table for your next trip. Many of the best folding tables also have stools built-in giving you an all-in-one solution to comfortable dining. Compact enough to fit into the trunk of your car, you can eat al fresco or under the shelter of your tent if the weather turns chilly without any problems.

Camping Stove

Long gone are the days when you had to struggle to cook a meal over a roaring campfire, or even worse, struggle to get the fire started in the first place! Although small camping stoves have been around for some time, the latest models are all singing and all dancing. Not only do they have a hob for easy frying and boiling, they also have an oven compartment for preparing a greater range of foods. Even better, they can be used inside the tent, so if you’re stuck in a torrential downpour you won’t have to resort to eating cold food from a can! If the night turns cold, your stove can also serve as a tent heater, keeping you comfortable and cozy on even the chilliest night.

Inflatable Pillows

If space inside your car is tight, taking enough pillows with you to get a comfortable night’s rest can be challenging. These days, however, there are inflatable pillows which are just as comfortable as the real thing and which can be quickly inflated and deflated for speedy transportation. Ideal!

These fantastic camping essentials will revolutionize the way you camp and make your next trip the best you’ve ever had. You’ll wonder why you didn’t go glamping sooner!


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