Kobe Bryant Final Season

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When it comes to the shining stars of the NBA, it’s hard to find a player who burns brighter than Kobe Bryant. A leading scorer for the Los Angeles Lakers, he has helped the team win 5 national titles and was drafted into the NBA right out of high school. He won the 2008 MVP award and ranked above Michael Jordan, at #3, in the NBA’s list of the highest scorers in the history of the game. Many sport experts predict, even though he has been marred by injuries in the last few years, he is a legend and one to watch this season, since he announced that this would be his last run and that he would retire after the 2015-2016 season.

Kobe in Recent Years

There’s so much hype around Kobe’s Bryant’s potential last season that there’s no one better to watch this year. He is known for his incredible work ethic and has climbed many mountains during his career, with little else to shoot for at this point. And older age has caught up to him, with torn Achilles tendons and rotator cuffs among the injuries he has endured in recent years. Each of the past 3 seasons has ended prematurely due to injury. Is this a good season for him to retire? If he doesn’t, he could be doomed to becoming a bit player on a team that he helped make truly remarkable. In many ways, at this stage retirement can mean he ends at the top and not as a once-smoldering, but now dimmer light on the court.

Potentially, his retirement can mean that other players on the Lakers can get what they are due without being in the shadow of the legendary Bryant. In any case, this season is special and not to be missed for Kobe fans, who are likely never to see one of the best scorers in history play again.

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