Planning a Yacht Party

A yacht party is the perfect way to set your event apart from the rest of this year’s affairs. However, planning a party can be challenge enough, and the thought of planning a party on a yacht can seem like another league of challenging.

To ensure your special event is planned to perfection, you must consider the factors of who, what, where, and when extensively, to pull off this one of a kind experience. If you have a vivid visual image of how you want your yacht party to be, then you are half way there. It’s key to always plan way in advance, so as to avoid disappointment and make sure you get the right yacht for you in the right location at the right time; no one wants to compromise their party because of venue troubles.

When selecting a yacht charterer, make sure you’re asking plenty of questions and considering back up alternatives to ensure your event is problem free, and one to remember for all the right reasons. It is always a good idea to have a contingency plan in place, as you never know when a hiccup could occur.


The first thing you need to think about, is what your party is in celebration of. Your cause for celebration should be reflected in your event. Whether your event is a private party, birthday party, wedding, corporate event or another special occasion, you will need to make sure you have an appropriate setting and theme to suit all the needs of you and your guests.


With your occasion as the cause of your celebration, you need to determine the formality of the event. Yacht parties do not differ from land parties, in that daytime events tend to be less formal than evening events.

Hosting your yacht event during the day is ideal for birthday, engagement, family reunions, and bridal showers.

Hosting in the evening, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for your wedding after party- of course you can also hire a yacht as your complete wedding venue- as well as events such as milestone anniversary celebrations, award ceremonies, fundraising events, and corporate parties.

With day parties, you do have an advantage with the comfort informality brings, as well as picturesque views of your surroundings providing you with countless photo opportunities. However, a formal night parties can still provide a glorious view of the illuminated skyline.

A happy middle ground is hosting your party early evening. This means your guests can watch the sun set over the sea watching the sun set over the water, creating a perfect natural ambience for your party. However, it is important to consult your guest list, as they are the key deciding factor to which yacht rental is right for your party.

Time and destination

Factors such as weather, travel between the yacht location and home, availability of the yacht you prefer, and potentially shore and water based activities you want to include in your party, need to be considered. An experienced yacht charterer such as West Nautical, can help narrow your search by sending you suggested season charter itinerary, activities and yachts available in specific areas, to suit your requests.

Once you figure out where you plan to host your party, it will be easy to narrow down the selection of yachts applicable to your voyage destination. If you use a yacht broker or charterer, they can guide you step by step throughout the process as well as helping you plan the ultimate party.

Guest list

Before deciding on the perfect yacht as your floating venue, you need to consider the scale of event, and how many people you want to invite. The number of guests can determine the size of yacht you will need to hire, which can either save you money or cost you more for the charter. In terms of location we recommend a Yacht Charter in the Balearic islands, as they are more accessible and reachable for your guests.

Another key factor about your guest list, is are you allowing children. If you want to extend an invite to your guest’s children, you will need to find a yacht that can accommodate them. Almost all yachts are happy to have children on board, with some being particularly well suited to hosting families, but it is best to check this with your charter company first, as it may determine which yacht you charter.

Once you have determined the guest list you need to consider any special requirements and your guests needs, no matter what type of party it is, you still need to be aware of the factors to plan a strategy to counteract them.  For example, if you plan to have children on board, you will have to make sure the yacht is equipped with appropriate safety measures as well as entertainment to suit them.


The formality and occasion of your party also impacts your catering options. Having the right choice of food is a priority, as people always look forward to the food at a party, therefore you can appreciate how it is one of the most important choices you make during the planning process. Hiring an experienced party planner or asking the advice of your charterer, can ensure your guests will be properly catered for, and provided with a suitable, overall quality experience.


With any party you must have music, and choosing the right type of DJ, band, or playlist can contribute to the theme and ambiance of your event. You must remember to show consideration for your guests, and their music tastes. We advise you to make a choice that offers diversity or a happy medium to suit your guests, as what you play will make a great deal of difference on the experience of your attendees.

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