How to protect your ears while shooting or hunting

When you start learning shooting or hunting with a gun, the first thing your instructor will tell you is to protect your ears. That’s the reason majority of people make their first major investment on buying all sorts of hearing protection equipment.

It is important that you protect your ears while enjoying the sport of shooting and hunting. It is the most fundamental rule of this sport and you will have to learn it the first day on a shooting range or out in the wilderness while trying to hunt down your first ever prey.

How to protect your ears when hunting/shooting?

The best way to protect your ears while shooting is to buy the latest equipment that could block the noise most efficiently. It’s not always about spending a lot of money but you have to pick the right noise canceling gear that’s suitable to your ears. To learn what is currently the best shooting ear protection, go here.

People who don’t care for their ears in this sport often end up with hearing issues. Some have to live their life with deafness while others have to use hearing equipment to listen to other people.


Why shooting can damage your ears?

Shooting is a fun sport. You get to spend time in a shooting range where you can easily practice accuracy and learn to become an ultimate hunter.

Just like that, hunting is also fun. You go out in the wilderness and face nature’s own challenges to hunt the prey down.

With both the sports, the only problem is that your ears are always at the risk.

Your ears have naturally evolved to filter noise. However, they can only filter background noise up to a certain level. The gun sounds are way higher than that level. As a result, the noise coming from a gun is not blocked and you are able to hear this high decibel sound. It’s not healthy for ears.

When you hear a loud sound, such as the bullet being fired from a gun, it can damage your ear drums. The sound would feel coming through the eardrums, piercing and damaging them. In some cases, people have reported bleeding as a result of loud noises.


How to know if your hearing ability is damaged

Although you should always use loud cancellation gear the day you join a shooting club, some people don’t take it seriously unless they start seeing symptoms. If you can check any of the following symptoms, it’s time to be serious about noise cancellation equipment and preferably purchase a new one.

  • Are you unable to hear clearly from sources other than the gun?
  • Are you unable to clearly distinguish different words when you hear them during a regular conversation?
  • Is it difficult for you to know where the sound is coming from?
  • Do you hear a constant buzzing or ringing sound in your ears?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade your equipment, including earmuffs. Make sure you contact a medical professional at the earliest to get your eardrums checked for any damage.

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