To Sexbot or not to Sexbot?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a sexbox, allow me to explain

Yes mam, technology is a wonderful thing and the enhancements are simply astounding. From good old fashioned playboy magazines to a life-like robot companion who rattles and shakes the moment you touch it. It is truly amazing what people come up with these days and this article aims to draw a comparison between what used to be “good” and what is “great” now.

Who remembers a balloon which took on the human form when you blew it up? The packaging usually had some porn-star name on the front like “Crystal” or “Jenna” accompanied by a photo. However, once inflated it didn’t look anything like the picture and two big holes could be found at the mouth and genital area. This is what granddaddy liked to call a blow-up doll. It kept the dateless guys busy and informed the inexperienced of the raw basics.

Jumping a couple of years, the Virtual World started honing in on the natural pleasures of man. Instead of focusing on physical contact, developers decided to penetrate the mind. In the Virtual World you get a talking, moaning avatar to abide to your every need. Even though you couldn’t feel anything, it greatly entertained the imagination. Then they took it one step further. Current developers like Oculus Rift are raising the bar and implementing some touchy feely gadgets into the mix. These stimulate the “joystick” while your hands are controlling the virtual world. They intend to make it as realistic as possible.

What is currently on the market that exceeds both of the above mentioned? Her name is Roxxxy and yes, the spelling is used to promote her “benefits”. She is based on the same robotic technology that was supposed to help the elderly and ended up serving a bigger purpose I guess. Apparently her skin feels very realistic and she reacts when you touch her. She can even talk a little depending on the AI she is programmed with. Her limbs can move and shake, basically replacing what should be a red blooded woman. The difference is her movements are rather mechanical and you need to remove the skin in order to clean it.

Obviously this is great news for guys who can’t get any dates. If you don’t have the money to buy Roxxxy you can rent her for the night. No diseases or stuff like that is involved, but are we going too far? The plastic blow-up doll served its basic purpose. Now it talks and walks. The elements of companionship in both virtual and physical world might not be such a good thing for developing social skills. If men were able to just do something once or twice and let it go then it wouldn’t be such a problem. Social Media is a good example of how these toys can break down social skills, so maybe we should approach the sex toy market with a little bit of poison.

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