Taking Full Advantage of Working in London

If you’re going to work in London, you need to go full-on high end to get the most out of your work experience. London as much as or even more than anywhere else in the world, has an amazing selection of office furniture, and the whole point in going there is to really to take advantage of the creme de la creme of high end furniture that are done here at a level hard or even impossible to reach anywhere else on Earth.

Get the Best Office Furniture

Choosing the right Furniture at work is truly important. #MYCHAIRSTYLE .Their is a great info-graphic that talks about how every celebrity style has an office chair to match. I personally think this is a brilliant concept. Many offices just decide to get whatever is cheapest which works sometimes but if you are trying to attract a younger crowd at work then it makes sense to give this a bit more thought. Choosing the right chair is paramount as this is something that you are going to be spending six or more hours a day in.


Top Spas

This one is a bit of a toughie, as competition has never been this intense in the spa industry. Spa’s are necisary for after work once in a while. Really there is a very well done list already out there of spas to choose from. May Fair is a favorite here at the office by way of a casual poll, but all of them are quasi supernatural experiences, and your personal preference will play a big role here.

Top Food Spots

London has an amazing selection of restaurants to choose from for after work. Here are several excellent options for you. For traditional French cuisine done to a T, check out The Ledbury in Notting Hill. For the best curry your palate is ever going to run across, go to Brick Lane and let your taste buds go to curry heaven. And lastly but not leastly, for a traditional English dining experience at an authentic English carvery, open since 1828 no less, go to Simpsons on the Strand and learn once and for all that English food’s bad reputation isn’t really all that fair or deserved.


Shopping in London is mindbogglingly good, especially if you get rid of the bargain-hunter mentality. While you can also find amazing deals if you look, the London experience is really about those special and unique finds at the high-end places, things that Amazon will never stock in a million years!

Just as a short list, while you are working in London be sure to check out Mayfair, Covent Garden, and Harrods. Also don’t be afraid to go to the Southwalk and Portobello markets, which have fabulous locally-sourced foodstuffs but also many other types of goods from all over the world.

Overall if you are going to be working in London then taking advantage of the great furniture, food, and spa’s will make going to work everyday that much easier.

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