The Ultimate Guide to Buying Batteries for Vape Pens

With the vast array of vape pen options on the market today, it can be difficult to identify the best vape batteries for you. Learning more about the various types of vape batteries available can help you make the most of your vaporizing experience, and help ensure your purchase doesn’t soon wind up in a draw or pen holder to collect dust.

Decrypting pen voltage

Vape pen batteries are available in a range of voltages, but that does not necessarily mean that more power is better. The right voltage depends on the type of material or oil cartridges for vaporizers that you plan to use. Keep in mind that the lower the voltage, the purer the vapor. Further, using too high a voltage may cause dangerous carcinogens to be released.

Auto Draw Versus Batteries With Buttons

Also known as buttonless batteries or slim vape pens, auto draw batteries activate only when being hit, and the strength of your draw adjusts the voltage up to a certain limit. These battery options tend to offer smooth puffs and are easy to operate. Button-activated models, on the other hand, have on and off controls, allowing you to fully shut off the pen when it isn’t in use. This type of battery allows you to take longer pulls, as well as control the power flow to the atomizer.

Fixed Voltage Versus Adjustable Voltage Settings

Capable of running many types of oil cartridges for vaporizers and easy to operate, fixed voltage batteries are a popular option. These types of batteries tend to have a longer life per charge, and they are available in button-activated or buttonless models. Offering the longest life and widest range of compatibility, variable vape batteries allow you to select your preferred voltage. Widely considered some of the best vape batteries, these adjustable voltage options allow you to get the right size puff, no matter what oil or cartridge you’re using.  

When all is said and done, much of determining the best vape batteries is based on personal preference. Contact our support specialists at Vape Parts Mart to learn more about our wide selection of batteries and cartridges.

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