Tips For Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

If you’ve ever bought a new car you’ll be well aware of the feeling of excitement as you bring your shining vehicle home for the first time. With its new car aroma and gleaming paintwork, your new car is your pride and joy. The problem is that over time your car begins to deteriorate. The paint fades, the wheels blacken and the aroma will fade. Eventually, your car will start to look like it’s been lived in for years.

While this may seem like an inevitable process, it doesn’t need to be. There are lots of things you can do to keep your vehicle looking brand new for years.

Choose The Right Parking Spot

It’s all too easy to just park up your car and get on with your life, but if you don’t pay close attention to the spot you choose you could find your car gets stained or even damaged. If you leave it parked on the street it runs the risk of being bumped or scraped by passing vehicles, not to mention being stained by bird droppings. Also, leaving your car out in the open on hot days will cause the paint to fade. Wherever possible park in a covered parking space.

Remove Stains Immediately

If you return to your car and find bird droppings on the hood remove them immediately. The longer residue remains in place, the harder it is to remove. The more you have the scrub, the more likely it is that the paint will be damaged. Wash marks away straight away with water and a weak detergent.

Wash Regularly

Even if your car doesn’t have any obvious marks or stains, you should still make time to wash it once per week. Never take your car to the car wash – you’ll risking scratches and scrapes. Instead, wash by hand with mild detergents. Many car wash detergents remove polish and wax as well as grime and dirt, so choose a gentle one. Always make sure that the detergent is thoroughly rinsed away too to reduce the chance of any deposits remaining on your paintwork.

Polish Frequently

Not only does polishing make your car look great, it also helps to protect the paintwork. Once every 6 months is quite sufficient for polishing, but make sure to always use a high quality polish applied with an applicator that has been designed specifically for that purpose. Always read and follow the instruction and then remove polish with a clean and soft rag which won’t damage your paint. Polish one panel at a time for the best results.

Apply A Paint Protection Product

When you buy a new car you’re often put under pressure by your dealership to pay extra for a paint protection product. You don’t need to do this. You can save money while protecting your car from any potential paintwork damage. Get quotes from other suppliers and find out who can do it for the most cost effective price. It’s definitely worth getting this done, especially if you won’t be able to commit to washing your car every week.

Steam Clean Your Interiors

Even when the exterior of your car is looking its best, it’s no good if you open the doors to find a mess of clutter and stained seats. Always make sure to empty any trash out of your car after every journey, and clean up any spills on the seats straight away. A couple of times a year, it’s always a good idea to get out the steam cleaner and give the inside of your car a once over. Steam cleaners are amazing tools since they have impressive cleaning power without the need to use any harsh chemicals. Operating through the use of heat and water, a steam cleaner can easily remove any marks or stains on your car upholstery leaving your seats looking fresh and as good as new. You can proceed to this page to find out more about how to choose the best steam cleaner for you.

Follow these top tips and you’re sure to find that your car stays looking brand new for longer. Your paintwork will look perfect and the interiors will be fresh and bright for that new car feel all year round!


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