Tips For Making Your Office A Place You Will Actually Enjoy

Nobody enjoys going to work, but if you have to spend a large proportion of your life in your office, you can at least enjoy yourself while you’re there. Making the workplace an enjoyable environment is one of the best ways to maximize efficiency and optimize productivity while also decreasing stress levels, so here are some top tips to help improve your office environment

Personalized Space

Many office environments can feel clinical and impersonal, and that sense of disconnection can lead to reduced productivity. One way to feel more connected to your space is to add personal items to your work area. Some framed photos of your loved ones, a personalized screensaver or a couple of small mementos from your vacation will help you to feel like you own your work space.

Removing Clutter

Our desks and workspaces often become cluttered without us realizing it. All too soon, there’s mounds of files and paperwork piling up that can make the environment feel unwelcoming and stressful. A clear desk means a clear mind, so get rid of anything you don’t need from your desk. Stay on top of the junk. Throw anything in the trash straight away that you no longer need and file away any papers that you’ve finished working on immediately. Keep pens and pencils is a dedicated pot or holder and keep any unnecessary items out of sight in your drawers or cabinets. You’ll feel much better when your workspace is well organized.

Having A Clean Space

Even when you’ve got rid of all the clutter, you’ll still find that your workspace isn’t very welcoming if it isn’t clean and hygienic. If there are crumbs all over your keyboard from your lunchtime sandwich, coffee stains on your desk surface or sticky finger marks on your computer screen your environment will feel dirty. Wipe down the surfaces regularly and clean up all spills as soon as they appear. A hygienic office will help to protect you and your colleagues from illnesses.

Add Some Plants

It’s amazing how much a few plants in the office can boost your mental well-being. Bringing the outdoors indoors can really improve your mood and make you feel more positive. Try opening a few windows too to allow fresh air to circulate so you can breathe more freely.

Use An Air Freshener

If the air feels stale in your office, why not invest in an air freshener? Plug-ins won’t take up any room but will circulate pleasant aromas through the room. Choose your favorite relaxing smell to make you feel less stressed – lavender is always a good choice if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload.

Natural Light

Whenever possible make sure that your workspace benefits from as much natural light as possible. Fluorescent lighting may be prevalent in many workspaces but strip lights often lead to a feeling of stuffiness. Natural light promotes productivity while improving well-being and boosting mood. If you can, try to move your desk closer to a window to reap the natural benefits. Even if you’re unable to choose where you sit, it could help to adjust the brightness of your computer screen. By making it dimmer, your eyes will be better protected and you’ll suffer from fewer headaches.

A Comfortable Chair

It’s no fun sitting all day on a hard or uncomfortable office chair. Investing in an ergonomically designed chair designed to support your back effectively while you’re working is well worth it in terms of the reduced pain you’ll experience. We spend several hours a day sitting at a desk, so finding the right chair couldn’t be more important. You can learn from this page more about how to choose the best office chair to suit your individual needs. Try to get up regularly to walk around as this will also promote better blood flow and improve your concentration. Productivity can receive a huge boost from being a little more active during your working day.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that your office becomes a much more pleasant place to be. Although going to work may not be your idea of a good time, at least it’ll be a lot more comfortable.

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