Ways to Spruce Up Your Old Ride

Even the strongest running older rides will have room for some little improvements that can make them run even better. There are also a number of little things you can do inside and out on your old vehicle to really spruce it up and make your ride more enjoyable all around.

Old Car

Here are a few generally affordable and simple things you can do to upgrade your oldie, whether you’re keeping your first Toyota Tacoma on the road, or still running your grandfather’s Ford Mustang.


Replace Rubber Bushings with Polyurethane Bushings


If you want your old ride to instantly feel like a stronger, more agile machine, there’s no faster way to do it than by changing out your old rubber bushings with modern poly ones. Your suspension will feel so much smoother and more solid, and your car may ride better than it did back on its day one.


New Sway Bar


Another quick way to get that new car feel when driving is by getting a new sway bar. This will keep your car handling better and make it feel overall more stable and connected with the road.


New Engine Mounts


Along with sway bars, engine mounts can make a big difference in your ride. If you have some front end vibration or rattling because of bad mounts, changing them out will instantly give you a more quiet and solid ride. Unless you change these mounts yourself, it may be a bit expensive to have them all changed out at a shop, but it may be worth it.


New Spark Plugs


If you haven’t changed your spark plugs, you should. Doing this can give your car more horsepower and better gas mileage right away. Bad spark plugs can also lead to misfiring and even a complete shut-down of your car, so don’t let them get too old in your old ride.


New Air Filter


This cheap and easy maintenance is great for engine health. Your air will be cleaner, which means better gas mileage and overall better engine efficiency.


New Tires


It’s shocking how much of a difference a new set of tires can make on a vehicle. Worn tires can lead to a really bumpy ride with shaking if you reach high speeds. Not to mention the danger that comes with the possibility of a blowout, decreased traction especially in the rain, and the risk of getting flats. Putting even a cheap set of new tires on your old vehicle will instantly transform your ride if your tires are currently old and worn.


Cold Air Intake


For about $200 or less, and a screwdriver, you can up your engine’s horsepower a bit with a cold air intake system. This helps your engine’s inhalation system and really lets your car breathe. Lots of heat is produced as an engine runs, and a good cold air intake system will help keep the temperature lower and create less wear, tear, and stress on your old car’s internals. K&N is a popular brand for cold air intakes for pretty much any car out there.


Keep it Clean


Make it a habit to clean out your car regularly. Keep a small trash bag or bin in there so you can keep things under control. Nothing makes an old car look more trashy than a bunch of trash. Vacuum the interior and use a cleaner on the dashboard and other areas of vinyl or plastic to give the interior that fresh new feel. Spring for a new car scent air freshener if you really want to go that extra mile towards giving your old car a fresh new vibe.


Travel Light


If you have a bunch of heavy things in your vehicle that you don’t need to have in there all the time, take them out. You’ll instantly get more miles per gallon, and your car will have less strain while driving. You’ll feel it in the gas pedal and in your wallet.


New Seat Covers


If your old seats are showing wear or have some rips and tears, your vehicle will instantly look older and less nice. Adding some fun seat covers can not only cover up those old seats with something new, but it’s a way you can show your personality with different patterns and designs. You can even get massaging or comfort-styled seat covers for added utility.

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